“Fix Doc Comment” Action is Available

A new action for code documentation maniacs, called Fix doc comment, has just been cooked at the JetBrains’ oven.

Please follow the recipe:

  • Find or create a stub doc comment.
  • Fix documentation problems quickly whenever you wish.

The first case, when you may need the new action, is rather simple. Call it, when a caret is somewhere within a class, field or method, which does not have a doc comment. A doc comment stub will be added, and the caret will be moved to proper position for entering a comment.

The second use-case for the new action, is to fix an existing documentation problems. For example, the signature of some method has been changed, and the doc comment is valid anymore. We have an inspection, which allows to fix such problems one-by-one. It adds missing @param tag, return outdated @return, etc. The new action can fix these problems at once.

Note, that by default there is no any shortcut assigned to this action. However you can do it by yourself in Settings | Keymap.

We hope the new action will save your time, when you document your code or just fix the problems.

Currently the new action is available only for Java. But we hope to implement it soon for other languages too.

Please find this feature in the latest IntelliJ IDEA 12 EAP and submit your feedback to our issue tracker.

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