Better Experience with Tapestry

Good news for those, who use Tapestry in IntelliJ IDEA. Finally we have added a couple of new features and bug fixes, you wanted from us for long time.

Let’s get a brief overview of new stuff.

Now IntelliJ IDEA analyzes your contributeComponentClassResolver methods, finds your mappings and handles their use cases correctly.

The IDE also understands mixins as well as parameter namespace. So you are able to get completion for mixins and parameters.

Find all these features in the latest IntelliJ IDEA 12 EAP. Hope you will enjoy better experience with Tapestry in your projects.

We appreciate your feedback and bug reports in our issue tracker.

Stay tuned and develop with pleasure!

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6 Responses to Better Experience with Tapestry

  1. Nicolas says:

    Thanks, that’s great !

  2. Massimo Lusetti says:

    That’s great news, keep up the good work jetbrainers!

  3. michi says:

    Really ugly new icon-set for file-types… can we get the old ones back please?

  4. Andrey Cheptsov says:

    @michi, for which file types you don’t like new icons?

  5. michi says:

    They all seem to have a grey outline which does make it much harder to differentiate the different file-types from each other. The old icons seemed to be much lighter on the eye and did fit more into the current IDE-look (at least from my understanding).

    The one icon I really don’t like in the new set is the Javascript one. It might work having a project with just a few single Javascript files mixed into your current view. In my current project though, I only have Javascript files making my project-tree look quite depressing. If you decide sticking with the new ones, at least make them configurable / replaceable with different icon-sets?

  6. Howard M. Lewis Ship says:

    Really appreciate the support for Tapestry you guys have put in. Given that the design of Tapestry is agnostic about IDE support (to the point of being antagonistic) its amazing what you have accomplished … parsing Java code as the configuration is pretty radical.

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