IntellIJ IDEA 14 Brings Better GWT’s Super Dev Mode Support

If you’re already using, or just considering the use of GWT in your projects, you’re going to be glad to know that IntellIJ IDEA 14 will feature significant improvements in this area, aimed to streamline development workflow.

First of all, running applications in Super Dev Mode doesn’t require you to start the application server and the code server separately: the IDE will do it for you. Also, applying changes to running applications happens without the use of bookmarklets, by simply clicking the compile button on the application page right in the web browser. These great features are made possible by the Sencha’s library that helps to operate in Super Dev Mode.

Debugger is also improved in a number of ways: the Source Maps support is fully leveraged; the GWT run configuration has an option to tell the IDE to start a JavaScript debugger session automatically.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 13.48.56

We hope you’ll find these improvements useful. Your feedback as always is welcome, so don’t hesitate to share it in our discussion forum as well as report bugs directly to the issue tracker.

Develop with Pleasure!

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27 Responses to IntellIJ IDEA 14 Brings Better GWT’s Super Dev Mode Support

  1. Master Yoda says:

    This is really some great news !!! kkep up the good work

  2. AnonGwt says:

    Awesome! Great work. GWT definitely needs more love from Intellij.

  3. Great works! I’m eager to use this new feature.

    Did you try with GWT trunk and incremental compilation? We’ve been trying this new feature with success and it greatly improve performance.

    If yes, is it working without any changes, if not, you should try 😀

  4. Christian Joosen says:

    Works great.

    Nice job guys.
    Now converting a big project.

  5. Igor Zubchenok says:

    I don’t see the check for Javascript Debugger. What do I do wrong?
    IDEA 14 OSX
    Check the screenshot:

  6. Igor Zubchenok says:

    Issue is solved. I just had to enable JavaScript debugger plugin (it was disabled and isn’t actually required by GWT support plugin). I guess you can note this in the post.

  7. Alex says:

    Do you have instructions on how to set this up please?

    Do I need to full version of IDEA or will this be provided in the community edition?

  8. Nir says:

    When you use this option it automatically open\default.html
    can’t i tell it to debug a remote server? or at least different port?

    What do I miss?


  9. Luca Morettoni says:

    If you’re using a different layout on your project this option is absolutely useless.
    Let me explain: I have a big maven project splitted in 3 different subprojects:
    – the client code (GWT)
    – the server code (JavaEE)
    – the shared code (RPC defitions and DTOs)

    now I need to run the server from the command line because we use a special configuration of TomCat, so I will need to start the “Run/Debug” session without any running server, so could be useful if you add in the run settings a way to use an “external” server for the web application!

  10. Konstantin says:

    I miss options about where to deploy compiled code before launch and how to clean deployment directory – now I have a problem because every time it wipes out my H2 files (I use H2 on my local machine for testing).

    If someone can explain how not to clean deployment directory every time that would be great.

  11. Ronald says:

    It does work nicely yes, however in have noticed that when you run your application and the application uses Annotations like @WebServlet. These are ignored by the Jetty application that is used when i start sdm. If i use sdm with the -noserver as an argument and i start sdm and my jetty manually ( same jetty version 9.0.xx) then they do work.

    Is there a sollution? Because i cannot register everything in he web.xml since parts of my code are in modules that are listed as dependencies and these modes are pluggable.

  12. mark thomas says:

    Hi, when I select my module the Super Dev Mode checkbox goes away. Is there something I need to do to keep this from happening?

    • Hi Mark, there should be a GWT facet under the module structure – could you check and see which version of GWT is the facet is using? (Project Structure | Modules | [Your Module] | GWT). IntelliJ IDEA supports Super Dev Mode on GWT 2.6.1 and later.

  13. Thorben says:

    Hi, when I set an breakpoint in the GWT source code within IntelliJ IDEA the debugger won’t stop at it. I’m using Chrome and have source maps enabled. I’ve testet with the generated project of the gwt-maven-plugin archetype. The JavaScript debugger plugin of IntelliJ IDEA is enabled, too. Any idea what’s going wrong?

    • Thorben says:

      I recognized that it’s just not stopping in the onModuleLoad() method on startup. However, it works in handlers, e.g. click handlers.

  14. Lucas Luppani says:

    Andrey, this was working fine until the last update of Chrome. With Chrome 43, IDEA 14.1.3 and JavaScript IDE Support 2.0.8, the GWT 2.6.1 SuperDevMode breakpoints don’t stop. The first thing I’ve noticed is that when I add a breakpoint, it isn’t filled with a ‘tick’ anymore. I downgraded Chrome to v.42 and it all started to work again. Do you know if someone is tracking this? Thanks!

    • Ben says:

      Oooh, good to know. I’ve only just started with a fresh install of IntelliJ and it wasn’t working off the bat so I thought some additional config might be needed, but now I will try and downgrade Chrome and see what happens. Thanks!

    • Sam Edge says:

      Thank you so much so leaving this comment. I have spent around a day trying to isolate the issue, assuming it was my environment. Reinstalled several IntelliJ IDEA version, re-import my project, clearing all caches including chrome, re-installing Chrome plugin.

      Having read this, I have now regained my sanity. :)

    • Andrey Cheptsov says:

      Thank you for reporting the problem, we’re already on it. Please track the progress at

    • Boris Granveaud says:

      I think I hit the same bug. Breakpoints used to work in my project several months ago with GWT 2.6.1 but now they don’t anymore. I thought it was because of upgrading to 2.7.0 and reconfiguring the project. I spent hours trying to debug this problem without success!

      Where can I find v42 of Chrome?

  15. Alexander says:

    Looks like Super Dev Mode support in IDEA does not work under Windows 10. I’ve tried Edge, IE11 and Chrome. The application starts successfully but do not switches to the breakpoints in IDEA for the client side code. I’m using the latest 14.1.4 version.

  16. Konstantin says:

    Hi guys,

    do I have to start super dev mode from within Intellij to be able to debug javascript?
    Can I start super dev mode using Gradle and connect somehow?

    • Andrey Cheptsov says:

      Yes, even if you run your app via Gradle, you have to start a Debug Run Configuration in order to debug JavaScript.

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