Featured Plugins: Microsoft Open Technologies

From time to time, we pick interesting IntelliJ IDEA plugins from our repository to tell about them in our blog. Today’s choice is more than just an interesting plugin: MS Open Tech Tools is a plugin for Android developers developed by Microsoft Open Technologies in close collaboration with the Microsoft’s Office 365 and Azure engineering teams.


This plugin enables developers of Android applications to connect to the Office 365 services and Azure Mobile Services, as well as developers of Java middleware to connect to the Azure compute services. The plugin comes with the Server Explorer functionality in both Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA, which allows developers to manage Azure Mobile Services through their IDE, without the necessity to go to the Azure management portal.


As Jean Paoli, President of MS Open Tech, noted in his blog entry, the plugin has been released as an open source preview, to encourage feedback and contributions from the developer community, and will be extended to more Microsoft services in the future.

A more detailed tutorial on how to use the plugin along with its source code can be found on the plugin’s GitHub page.

If you’d like to connect your Android apps to the new Microsoft APIs, you’re welcome to give the plugin a try right away, and later share your feedback with us and the plugin authors. To submit feature requests or just report bugs, use the plugin’s issue tracker.

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