End of Support for the Tapestry, JBoss Seam, and Vaadin plugins

We are continuing our efforts to focus our attention on the most popular technologies and integrations. However, since our capabilities are limited, this requires sunsetting some plugins that are no longer in high demand among the community.

Given the low popularity of the Tapestry, JBoss Seam, and Vaadin 6–8 plugins, we have discontinued their development and stopped providing technical support for them as of the 2022.3 release.

Each of these three plugins was unbundled from IntelliJ IDEA several years ago but has been available for downloading and installing from the plugin repository. We have been maintaining their compatibility with each new version of the IntelliJ Platform, making sure no critical regressions were introduced.

We’ve now stopped updating the plugins together with IntelliJ IDEA releases. You can still continue using them together with v2022.3, but not with future versions. What’s more, the source code of each of the plugins remains available in the GitHub repository so that you can fork them and add fixes and improvements yourself, if needed.

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