IntelliJ IDEA 15 EAP is Open

At JetBrains we love traditions, those little things that make development more fun. The Early Access Program is one of them: it lets us share with you what we’re working on and get your feedback about the new features from early stages onwards. Today we’re happy to officially open IntelliJ IDEA 15 EAP!


Once you’ve downloaded the latest EAP build (from its official page), you’ll start getting updates with new features every several weeks (to receive notifications about updates, make sure to set Settings → Appearance & Behavior → System Settings → Updates → Automatically check updates for to “Early Access Program”). Your feedback is very appreciated in our issue tracker and the EAP forum.

Despite the fact that work on IntelliJ IDEA 15 has just started, a bunch of goodies is already available for you to take a look at.

Debugger: Stopping at Lambda Expressions

As more and more people migrate to Java 8 we keep making the IDE more friendly to it. Now when you use Step Into or Run to Cursor, the IDE stops at the corresponding lambda expression:


If the line you’re adding a breakpoint to has a lambda expression, the IDE asks you where exactly you’d like to stop.

Code Formatter: Adjusting Settings via a Quick-Fix

To make configuring code style settings easier for you, we have added a new quick fix called Adjust code style settings. This quick fix becomes available when you select a piece of code in the editor. When you apply it, the quick fix offers you to change the code style settings that affect the selected code, with live preview. This way of configuring code style settings is more convenient than getting through the whole list of settings:


Version Control: Editing Code in Diff Viewer

Another enhancement you may find very handy is editing capabilities in the Diff Viewer. Now if you want to make a quick edit, there’s no need to switch to the editor anymore:


Editing works in both the Two-sided and One-sided Diff Viewers.

Version Control: Mercurial Queues

If you use Mercurial Queues, you’ll be glad to know that the IDE now provides dedicated tools for managing patches. It lets you create patches; import local commit as patches; rename, apply, unapply and remove them:


Running Applications via Gutter Icon

Now you can set up a Run/Debug configuration for any class (that has a main method) and launch it with just one click:


Find in Path: Preview Pane

To make the Find in Path action more responsive, we’ve added the Preview tab: it shows the first 100 results in realtime. Now to find what you need, you don’t even have to leave the dialog:



Web Development: Polymer 1.0, AngularJS 2.0 and TypeScript 1.5

Web developers will be glad to give a try to the initial support for Polymer 1.0 and AngularJS 2.0; TSLint; and better support for TypeScript 1.5.

Database Tools: Grouping Objects in Tool Window

The updated Database tool window lets you group schema objects (tables, views, sequences, etc) and table contents (columns,  indexes, keys, foreign keys, etc):


Database Tools: New Data Sources and Drivers Dialog

The Data Sources and Drivers dialog has been also updated for better experience:


OS X and Java Version

And last but not the least, OS X users may notice that we don’t offer the .dmg installer that requires Java 6 anymore. Now our .dmg installer comes with a patched JDK 8. It means two things: a) you don’t need to have Java 6 installed to run the IDE; b) it is able to work with Java 6 or higher. To make it easier for you to switch between versions (in case you have such a need), you can do it via the dedicated action Switch IDE boot JDK available via Find Action:

More details on these and many other new features are to come. Download the preview and stay tuned for updates to stay on the cutting edge.

Don’t forget to write us back in our discussion forum and issue tracker.

UPDATE: IntelliJ IDEA 15 Preview is available. Learn more…

Develop with Pleasure!


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92 Responses to IntelliJ IDEA 15 EAP is Open

  1. Mario says:

    Great update! Is the custom OpenJDK build itself available somewhere?

  2. Chris Beach says:

    Will lambda debugging be available for Scala?

    Keen to see some focus on Scala features in the EAP

  3. Jorge Luis says:

    Great work! Would this version provide a better integration with Yosemite/El Capitan UI for the default theme? I know is a little thing, but I think a lot of people would appreciate it.

    • Rob says:

      This would be a welcome change, I think. The “jelly bean” buttons actually went away a few years ago in OS X, didn’t they?

  4. Edu says:

    Is the custom JDK the same one submitted with previous builds? i.e. does it still contain performance problems when scrolling and doing other tasks?

  5. meo says:

    Awesome. Although the list is missing my most anticipated feature – a new Tool Window mode which uses normal native frames and allows maximizing. :-)

    • Vassiliy says:

      “Windowed Mode” is available for Windows and Linux. Existing “Floating Mode” decoration is pretty native under Mac OS X (although it’s a dialog there, not a frame).

      • Dimitar Dimitrov says:

        The thing with windowed mode is that only one frame can have toolwindows, which makes it difficult to effectively utilize my 4-screen setup.

        • meo says:

          What do you mean by that? Every toolwindow have its own frame, when Windowed, so it makes it easy to utilize all the screens.

          • Igor Akkerman says:

            Very happy about the new windowed mode. It would be even greater if you could organize various tool windows/frame within one top level window. Would be much easier to handle on a multi monitor setup with one top level window per screen.

    • Patrick Bard says:

      If I understood correctly, what about Floating Mode? You can do that enabling this mode…

      • meo says:

        Floating mode is still there, but on Windows and Linux (not on Mac as Vassiliy said) you do not have a button to maximize the window on a whole monitor, and you cannot just drag it on the border of you monitor (e.g. in Win 7) to maximize or to resize it on the half of the monitor. So the new mode is better in this case.

        • Sergii says:

          Get BetterSnapTool and you’ll have the behavior you’re looking for (drag to side of the screen to take half, drag to top to maximize). Just checked – works with IDEA floating windows.

  6. Master craftsman says:

    Just fix the thymeleaf support and we will be much happier

  7. Gesly George says:

    Nice update! Could you comment on the new “Antialiasing” options? Specifically, is it setting the Java LCD AA settings (awt.useSystemAAFontSettings) when LCD is chosen as the antialiasing option? The font rendering looks different from Intellij 14 where it was allowing Java to determine the system settings.

    • fokin says:

      There are several reasons for this option.

      1. Allow more precisely controlling antialiasing in the IDE frame. Sometimes people do not want broadcasting screenshots with sub pixel rendering, because they could look strange on different screens and systems

      2. On some video cards lcd sub-pixel rendering works not so fast

      3. Some people does not like how sub-pixel rendering looks

      • Danny says:

        So glad to see the subpixel rendering working right on the patched JDK, it’s a must for my 4K display. Noticed that when I open files in the editor, for a fraction of a second the tab and editor fonts are rendered without subpixel rendering, which is a little jarring (at least that’s how it looks to me – it happens very quickly).

        • Danny says:

          See similar behavior in code suggestions – the drop down is rendered without subpixel by default, but then ‘upgrades’ when I cursor down in the list.

      • Stefano says:

        Hello, it’s very tiring for me to read the new font much more antialiased. Is it possible to return back to the idea 14’s font smoothing?

        • zeebo says:

          In settings->appearance->antialiasing

          you can change the antialiasing option from subpixel to greyscale. Gets back the old font!

  8. Guy Marom says:

    I really like these new features and am eager to try them.

    Will you be addressing performance issues in IDEA 15? Mainly the time it takes to import maven projects with lots of modules.

  9. 李毅平 says:

    请修复一下对thymeleaf 的支持,谢谢!

  10. Anatoly Y says:

    Please stop using MG (of Mercurial). Bookmarks and export all the way.

  11. Mike says:

    Is «Stopping at Lambda Expressions» available for JavaScript and other languages, suppoting the lambda expressions?

  12. Dmitry says:

    A small typo in the text: “Now if you wanе to make a quick edit”.

  13. That’s a really nice update and i’m looking forward using it. However, it feels like work with font went not that smooze – it looks different from 14th version and much darker (in darkula version) – makes me wanna turn on “brightness” in the IDE. Were could i post a feedback about this changes, so team could be aware of it ? And is there an easy way to make font look same as it was in Idea14? I already turned of Antialising, but still it looks too dark and different from 14th version. I’m using macbook pro with retina display + external monitor that has highest resolution 1920×1080 px

  14. Mike says:

    In IDEA 14 has been introduced the first-run screen (aka OOBE), which offers to enable and disable the different plugins in order to boost the IDE performance. It’s a great feature with awesome UX, but the problem is that you can run this screen only once, right after the end of the installation, but how to be is I want to run this screen again and benefit form better UX, than just work with list of plugins?

  15. Mike says:

    IDEA 14 has an option of export/import the settings of IDE. The problem is that this export/import doesn’t take into account the state (on/off) of the plugins. I want to be able to define which plugins are on and which are off and to export this settings for the future usage.

  16. Mike says:

    Another UX/usability feature request:
    In IDEA 14 it’s possible to copy the value of the variable only from the screen «Watches» if this variable is placed to the watcher. The the source code I can only copy the reference of the variable. Please, add ability to copy the value of the variable straight from the source code.

  17. Mike says:

    Why is “Quick Doc: Clickable Links” listed as a new feature? Links have been clickable in quick doc for as long as I can remember. It most certainly is like this in current 14.1.3 and I know it has been like this for a long time. It would have be noticeably annoying if you couldn’t.

  18. Jan Koehnlein says:

    Which version of Java 8 is the patched JDK for Mac based on? Does it include JavaFX? I wrote a plug-in that requires JDK 1.8.0 u40 or higher because of an essential bugfix in JavaFX. Would be great if that was easier to start now.

  19. Gaetan says:

    This year and half bug should be fixed too. It makes the terminal unusable.

  20. Bohuslav Burghardt says:

    Looking forward to these features, especially the edit code in diff feature is something I’ve wanted for a long time :)

    The gutter icon for launching main method is also great, but is there a way to select which gutters icons to show and which ones not?

    Because sometimes the gutter gets too wide because of the amount of icons (for instance Spring bean icon, implements icon, etc all on single line).

  21. Daniel says:

    I hoped that the ‘distraction free mode’ would be fixed in this version (i.e., when you exited the DFM, it would return to the normal editor with all the tabs that were open at the time you entered DFM — at the moment, it returns to the normal editor with only one tab open with the file I was viewing in DFM…).

    So it’s a shame it hasn’t been fixed as it’s not usable as it is at the moment…

  22. John says:

    Thats great.
    I use a lot of plugins in my IntelliJ so plugin profiles is the next logical step :) Any chance in this release?

  23. NoName says:

    Will CLion be available as a plugin for IntelliJ 15 Ultimate?

  24. Leo Lozes says:

    The latest update is giving a 403 Forbidden if you try to update from the IDE:

    Cannot download ‘’: Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL:
    , response: 403 Forbidden

  25. Goomba says:

    It looks great. Are you planning any discounts?

  26. Kirill says:

    Could not find any information about the new feature “Enable smart keyboard internalization for IDEA”! What does it change?

  27. Daniel Kummer says:

    Not much to say… I completely love your IDE and will continue to do so 😉

  28. vincestyling says:

    Are any Android(related) develop improvements were in progress?

  29. Flavio Oliveri says:

    I notice that there wont be Ember support in the next version :( :( :(

  30. Modi says:

    IntelliJ IDEA is one of he greatest and still it is quite a disappointment to find that such a premium product lucks the support for AspectJ basic features (dependencies weaving for example).
    I don’t see any progress on those issues in this version, did I missed it ?

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  32. Andrey Degtiarev says:

    What support Grails 3?

  33. DI says:

    Do you have any plans to add reactjs jsx syntax highlighting to typescript files?
    I know that only typescript 1.6 support jsx, but I hope we will get react jsx support before 1.6 release.

  34. Would you like to add MariaDB driver also? I’m afraid couldn’t leverage MariaDB 10 features if not using its jdbc driver which means having to load org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver.

    Great work as always.

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  36. Trevor Thompson says:

    Are you guys going to fix the Spring plugin for displaying MVC related beans in the tool window? It doesn’t work if you use Java configuration vs. xml configuration.

  37. Sergey says:

    Just updated. Highlights any java code with red underscores. Using jdk 1.8_60.
    Says, for example

    Incompatible types.
    Required java.lang.String.
    Found java.lang.string

    Just created plain java project to confirm that it would fail in the simplest scenario when the program only does System.out.println(“hello”);
    Yep, failed too:
    “Cannot resolve method println(java.lang.String)”

    SDK setup fine. Code compiles and runs fine. It’s just the editor is all red.

  38. Sergey says:

    Forgot to mention that the problem occurs on Win and Mac. Downgraded to 14. Works fine.

    • Dmitry says:

      I confirm that – Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan. In editor everything is red while both maven builder and IDE make command work without compile errors.
      Switching IDE boot JDK from bundled (1.8u40) to external (1.8u60) didn’t help.

  39. Sergey says:

    Is anyone alive here yet?

  40. Vasilii says:

    В этой версии картинка на заставке лучше чем у недавно вышедшего EAP 143.380.
    Верните пожалуйста сову! Очень здорово начинать кодинг когда тебя встречает такая загадочная и красивая сова. И еще на тему заставок, еще одна классная заставка у вас была на конец света по календарю майя. Где вообще можно их все посмотреть?

    • Maksim Sobolevskiy says:

      В этом релизе у сплэшей для всех продуктов есть общая концепция. Думаем, так будет и впредь. Сплэши предыдущих версий легко найти в google, хотя мы подумаем о том, чтобы собрать их в одном месте.

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