Java Annotated Monthly – November 2017

JavaOne usually has a lot of great presentations covering the Java and JVM ecosystem.  This year was no exception, and the timing coinciding nicely with the JDK 9 release means that all the Java 9 “up-and-coming features” talks could finally be definitive on what’s in Java 9 and how it actually works.  In this month’s Java Annotated we’ve collected links to some of the more valuable talks from the conference so you don’t even need to move from your desk to get the benefit of the JavaOne experience.  Oh, and obviously there’s other news, articles and information in this edition.



This month, JavaOne was the place a lot of the Java news was either announced, or the news that was announced earlier was expanded upon.  On top of that there was a lot of great content to learn from, covering all versions of Java.  This section includes a pick of the available videos.  Since not everyone finds videos the easiest to learn from, we still have the usual selection of articles in the other sections below.


Presentations – Java 9

Presentations – Lambdas and Streams

Presentations – Performance, Parallelism and Concurrency

Presentations – Other


If you want to keep an eye on what’s coming next for Java, the proposed schedule for JDK 18.3 and the list of features is on the JDK project page.  Yes, we barely get a chance to breathe after Java 9 and it’s straight on to the next version!  Of course there’s still plenty of great content covering Java fundamentals.


There’s so much Android news that’s Kotlin-related, but for the sake of this newsletter I’ve tried to limit the Kotlin love and highlight the Java- and plain-Android-specific articles.  Still, the occasional Kotlin article will sneak in…

Languages, Frameworks and Libraries

After all the drama around the stalling of Java EE last year, now the big news is not only was Java EE 8 actually released, but Oracle has decided to open source it.  Obviously other news in the libraries and frameworks space is largely dominated by how Java 9 impacts the ecosystem.


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And Finally

News and topics from the IntelliJ IDEA blog and YouTube channel that you may have missed:

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