Java Annotated Monthly – December 2018

Happy winter/summer solstice and any associated festivals and holidays you may or may not celebrate! This month’s annotated contains a mix of news and talks from the various autumn conferences, and some light reading to tide you over until the new year.  


Java News

A lot of the news in this section came from Devoxx Belgium, which seems to be the place to announce things after Oracle Code One, or re-iterate messages from that conference. All the talks from Devoxx were streamed and recorded see the Tweet below for more details of just some of the presentations.


Java Tutorials & Tips

This month’s tips and tutorials are a mix of classic Java, up-and-coming-not-released-yet Java, and newish stuff you should probably be using soon. For daily tips during December (up until Christmas), see the annual Java Advent Calendar.

Languages, Frameworks and Libraries

Micro is all the rage these days.

Culture & Community

Other interesting articles that aren’t specifically Java-related.

And Finally

Here’s a chance to catch up on the IntelliJ IDEA and other JetBrains news that you might have missed:

If you have any interesting or useful Java / JVM news to share via Java Annotated Monthly, leave a comment or drop me a message via Twitter.

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