Java Annotated Monthly – May 2020

Well April sucked. May isn’t going to be much better, even if here in Spain they are actually letting us outside to exercise now. Hang on in there. Distract yourself with the articles in this month’s newsletter if you like, or focus on other things that matter more.

Take care of yourself and those you love. Stay safe. Stay home if you can.

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Java News

Java turns 25 this month. Keep an eye out for a range of online events to celebrate! One advantage to fewer in-person events is that now more people should be able to “attend” celebrations like this.

Java Tutorials & Tips

Languages, Frameworks, Libraries and Technologies

These Uncertain Times

We’re all in different countries, different stages of concern about the global pandemic. And I don’t want to spend too much time dwelling on our current existence. But there’s no avoiding it for many, so here at the most interesting or useful articles I read this month. Note: I did not read much this month, because doing work and home life at the same time is actually impossible.

(I’m in the photo above. I even put on makeup for that call and everything)

Culture & Community

And Finally

A chance to catch up on the other IntelliJ IDEA videos and blog posts from this month. Mala and I have been working hard on creating a lot of new screencasts showcasing IntelliJ IDEA features, check them out!

We are hiring! I’m currently interviewing candidates for the Java/JVM Developer Advocate role in my team but it’s not too late to apply. I’m interested in talking to developers who are thinking of switching into an advocacy career, i.e. you don’t need to be an experienced speaker/blogger to apply. Want to work in a fully remote, remote-first team? That’s us!

If you have any interesting or useful Java / JVM news to share via Java Annotated Monthly, leave a comment or drop me a message via Twitter.

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