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Live Webinar: Working with SQL and Databases in IntelliJ IDEA

Every enterprise application needs to communicate with databases. We’re well aware of that here at JetBrains, and IntelliJ IDEA has excellent support for working with SQL and Databases to make you more productive every day.

Register now and join us for our new webinar on Working with SQL and Databases in IntelliJ IDEA.

Day: Friday
Date: October 16th, 2020
Time: 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm CEST

Developing Micronaut applications with IntelliJ IDEA

Session agenda

In this webinar, Maksim Sobolevskiy, Product Marketing Manager for Database Tools at JetBrains, will demonstrate how to write SQL queries and work with data in IntelliJ IDEA. He’ll start from the basics of writing a simple query faster, and progress to more complicated tasks like updating data, creating run configurations and using language injections.

Here’s a list of topics that will be covered in this webinar:

  • Creating a simple query – Various types of code completion, code snippets, expanding wildcards, and working with subqueries.
  • Data editor – Editable result sets, bulk submit, multiple submit, and transposing data.
  • Data import/export – Import from CSV file, export to JSON, UPDATES, and INSERTS, and export to other databases.
  • Navigation – Searching for database objects, data, SQL code, files, settings, etc.
  • Other features – User parameters, diff tool, expression evaluation, and transaction control.

All these features are also relevant to DataGrip, PhpStorm, PyCharm, Rider, and other IDEs based on the IntelliJ platform.

Asking questions

If you have any questions on this topic, you can ask them now or during the webinar. To ask questions now, post them as comments to this blog. To ask questions during the webinar, please use the chat window.

Your questions can benefit both the attendees and the presenter. They can help you to understand the topic better, and they can help the presenter actively engage with attendees and provide even more value.

Maksim will try to answer all your questions during and after his session. If we run out of time, we’ll try to post the answers to any remaining questions in a follow-up blog post. We’ll do our best to get all your questions answered.

The presenter and host

About the presenter:

Maksim SobolevskiyMaksim Sobolevskiy

Maksim Sobolevskiy lives in St. Petersburg, Russia. Originally from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, he moved to Russia in 2010 and has worked as a PMM for JetBrains since 2015. In 2020 he became team lead for DataGrip. Prior to JetBrains he spent 10 years as an SQL developer in organizations including Foundation Source and the National bank of Uzbekistan.

About the host:

Mala GuptaMala Gupta

Mala Gupta is a Developer Advocate at JetBrains.

A Java Champion, she has authored multiple books with Manning, Packt, and O’Reilly Publications. An international speaker at industry conferences, she has 19 years of experience in the software industry. She has been actively supporting Java certification as a path to career advancement.

I look forward to hosting Maksim Sobolevskiy to help IntelliJ IDEA users learn about IDE features that can assist them in developing applications that work with SQL and Databases.

Happy Developing!

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