IntelliJ Platform UI Kit

We have created and published the IntelliJ Platform UI Kit to help designers and developers design and prototype plugins in a manner consistent with IntelliJ-based products.

The IntelliJ Platform UI Kit consists of:

Getting Started

See the Getting Started section in the IntelliJ Platform UI Kit Figma file for how to use it as a library.


The Component Base consists of basic and complex controls. All of them are responsive and are covered by autolayouts so that you can use them in different sizes without any problems.

Hint: If you’re not sure how to use a component correctly, check out the guidelines.

Typography and Color Styles

This section lists all the colors and text styles that we use.

For macOS: SF Pro and JetBrains Mono

For Windows: Segoe UI and JetBrains Mono

Hint: Use Ctrl + Alt + C (Cmd + Alt +C  for macOS) to copy a style, and then use Ctrl + Alt + V (Cmd + Alt + V for macOS) on the object where you want to use it.

IntelliJ Icons Plugin

This is a Figma plugin that provides access to over 7,000 icons that we use in IntelliJ-based products. It supports IntelliJ’s Light and Darcula themes.

Download Plugin

Issues and Bug Reports

If you have any issues with the library or have a request, please file an issue to

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