Java Annotated Monthly – May 2021

Spring is here, or it’s supposed to be at least. The Java Advocacy Team here at JetBrains decided to create a Spring application, so we could explore what that looked like and create some content for you as well. Project blossom is now in full swing, so you’ll see lots of Spring-related content in this version of Annotated Monthly. This project is also largely responsible for the Great Java Version War of 2021 as I now know it. We did a lot of talking, coding and Googling, and we have a working application! We will be sharing more of that journey in the coming weeks.

I, Helen, mostly annotated your newsletter this month with some help from Trisha. Of course, many of the links are still from Trisha herself!

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Java News

  • The isthmus in the VM – Detailed discussion of potential new ways to connect to native code from the JVM.
  • Java is criminally underhyped – An interesting viewpoint from a relative newcomer to the industry.
  • Already lots of great content in this community for you to check out:

Java Tutorials & Tips

Languages, Frameworks, Libraries and Technologies

Spring in Spring

Now I’m going to break the rules. Seeking forgiveness is always better than asking for permission, right? The following grouping of links are all ones that we, the Java Advocacy Team here at JetBrains found really useful when we needed some help with our Spring application. We did a lot of group-googling and made a note of everything that helped us. Thank you to all authors involved!

Kotlin Goodies

Since I’m already breaking the rules and grouping things, here’s a bunch of cool Kotlin stuff for you:

Culture & Community

This feels like the right place for this tweet from @KentBeck:

And Finally

A round up of blog posts and videos from IntelliJ IDEA and JetBrains:

If you have any interesting or useful Java / JVM news to share via Java Annotated Monthly, leave a comment or drop Trisha a message via Twitter.

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