Java Annotated Monthly – July 2021

Welcome to July’s roundup of Java and Java-developer-related news! This month, we actually have a surprising amount of Java news, covering versions 11 through to 18! Yes, I know, 17 isn’t even out yet, that’s the crazy world we live in now. There’s a good chunk of Spring and automated testing content too, as that’s where a lot of my research was this month. If you’re in the northern hemisphere and in holiday season, this should make excellent beach reading. Or, you could just save it until you come back to the office.

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Developer Relations

As usual, I ran across several articles that are personally interesting to me in this role. I’ve put them here in case others are similarly interested.

Culture & Community

Surprise! This month there’s actually technical content in this section as well as the “softer” stuff.

And Finally

A round up of blog posts and videos from IntelliJ IDEA and JetBrains:

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