Let’s Kode Together!

As Kotlin Web Demo is the simplest way to try Kotlin. Today we unveil some new features that make it even more fun.

HTML5 Canvas

We added support for HTML5 Canvas (for the JavaScipt back-end) so that you can now do something like:

Watch it in action on YouTube:

Note that in order to use Canvas, you need to select the JavaScript (Canvas) run configuration in the panel on the right.

Sharing your programs

Also, you can now save a program you wrote in and share a public link to it:

  1. Go to the Web Demo, and log in with you Google, Facebook or Twitter account.
  2. Write a program, e.g. solve a problem from the Problems section, Save it in your private space.
  3. Share your solution with everyone: press the Public link button next to your saved program and press the button next to the URL, or share the link any other way.

As an example, here’s a public link to the program from the video above:
(It is written by Pavel Talanov.)

P.S. BTW, you can now have local functions in your programs, as well as the new form of when.

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