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Kotlin/Native Plugin Update

Greetings Kotlin fans, A New Year is coming and we are truly happy to make the last announcement of 2017. We’ve just released the update for Kotlin/Native plugin for CLion. It brings support for Kotlin/Native platform v0.5 which was published … Continue reading

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Kotlin/Native IDE Support Preview

Kotlin/Native is a brand new technology that compiles Kotlin directly to machine code and produces executables that can run without a virtual machine. At KotlinConf 2017, we announced a preview release of development tools for Kotlin/Native. While we have IntelliJ … Continue reading

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Kotlin NetBeans plugin beta is out!

Today we are happy to present the first BETA release of the Kotlin plugin for the NetBeans IDE. The main features are: Building and Running Your Code Maven and Ant Support Java Interoperability Code Highlighting Diagnostics Code Completion Navigation Debugging … Continue reading

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Kotlin Eclipse Plugin 0.7 Is Here!

We are happy to present a new release of our plugin for Eclipse IDE. Along with the support for Kotlin 1.0.2 compiler, this update brings very important features and improvements.

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Kotlin Educational Plugin

We always said that Kotlin is really easy to learn. And it is! But it’s not only about the language: learning materials make a difference too. Today we are making another important step in this direction. We are happy to … Continue reading

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Kotlin Eclipse Plugin 0.5.0

New in this release Kotlin Beta 2 support Semantic highlighting Rename refactoring Mark Occurrences Extract Variable refactoring Navigation to Kotlin standard library sources

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Kotlin Eclipse Plugin 0.3.0

We are happy to announce Kotlin Eclipse Plugin version 0.3.0. This release is loaded with new features: Kotlin M13 support Find references Parameter hints Select enclosing/next/previous element Override/Implement action Body conversion intention Debugger: Run to cursor Debugger: Step into selection … Continue reading

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Gradle Daemon Support for Faster Compilation

We are currently working on improving compilation times. Today we are happy to invite you to try Kotlin 0.12.1230 making use of the Gradle Daemon. It eliminates startup costs, and your builds run faster.

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Better Annotation Processing: Supporting Stubs in kapt

This post is largely outdated. Please refer to the kapt documentation. We announced kapt, an Annotation Processing Tool for Kotlin, some time ago, and discussed its limitations. Now most of the limitations are going away with the updated version of … Continue reading

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Kotlin Eclipse Plugin 0.2.0

Kotlin Eclipse Plugin 0.2.0 Today we are happy to present a new version of Kotlin plugin for Eclipse. This release includes the following features: Update to Kotlin M12 Java to Kotlin converter Navigation to Kotlin sources from Java Kotlin syntax … Continue reading

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