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Try Kotlin in Your Browser: New Look and More Features

We released Kotlin Web Demo quite a while ago, it did a good job helping people try Kotlin right in the browser and share runnable code with each other. Now, a shiny new version is ready, it’s time to retire the old one.

Meet try.kotlinlang.org, as new incarnation of a web-based mini-IDE for Kotlin.


The new version brings

  • Shiny new design
  • Full-screen mode
  • JUnit support (including a smart Test Results view)
  • Multi-file projects (some files in our examples, such as tests, are read-only)
  • Navigation from stack traces to code


Sharing Your Code

You can log in with your Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts. When logged in, you can create new projects and copy example projects to change them.

Any saved project (our example or your custom code) can be shared by simply copy-and-pasting the link from the address bar.

For example, here’s a link to an example program.
And this is the link to my code about expressing Go’s defer as a Kotlin library.

Old Web Demo

The old Web Demo is retired, and put into a read-only mode for the time being. You can still run your programs, but can not modify them or create new ones.

All accounts and programs created for Kotlin Web Demo have been migrated to try.kotlinlang.org.


Your feedback is welcome, as usual.


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