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Kotlin 1.5.0-M2 Released – Ensure Smooth Migration to Kotlin 1.5.0

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Kotlin 1.5.0-M2 is the last milestone release for Kotlin 1.5.0, which is coming this spring. So this is the last chance to make sure that your projects will successfully work with Kotlin 1.5.0.

Install 1.5.0-M2

If you migrate your projects now, you can save yourself time and energy in the future, when Kotlin 1.5.0 comes out, and you can help us provide urgent fixes before the release.

For example, if you try the new JVM IR backend, which is becoming the default in 1.5.0, and discover any issues now, we’ll try to deliver fixes before the release. You can report any issues you encounter to our issue tracker, YouTrack.

Note that Jetpack Compose only works with the new JVM IR backend. So if you’ve tried Jetpack Compose, you’ve already used the new backend.

Enjoy simplified configuration for preview releases

Previously, if you decided to use a preview release in your existing projects, you had to specify an additional Bintray repository in your Gradle files. Now all Kotlin preview artifacts are stored in Maven Central and there is no need to add the repository manually.

Save time! Install the M2 release, change the Kotlin version in your projects to 1.5.0-M2, and adjust any library dependencies if necessary.

Install 1.5.0-M2

Share your real-world cases with new language features

Have you had a chance to test out the experimental language features in Kotlin 1.4.30?

If you haven’t, give them a try now! And if you’ve already worked with them or have just been experimenting, you might have a good use case for us. 😉 Please don’t keep it in secret. Share it with us!

Our documentation team often gets feedback like this 🗣:

"Please add more samples to documentation".

"It’s not clear without real-world examples".

"Could you provide samples with detailed explanations?"

Please help us provide more real-world examples in our language docs and make it more helpful for developers like you.

Share a language feature sample

Don’t miss the Kotlin 1.5.0 videos

The Kotlin YouTube channel is available for those of you who like watching videos. We are continually updating the channel with new videos, and we plan to publish a video series dedicated to Kotlin 1.5.0. Be the first to watch 🎥!

Subscribe to Kotlin YouTube

Haven’t validated your projects with Kotlin 1.5.0 yet? Install 1.5.0-M2 now to avoid issues in the future.

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