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KotlinConf returns to Amsterdam in April 2023!

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We’re happy – no, strike that! – we’re thrilled, ecstatic, and overjoyed to announce that KotlinConf is back!

🌷 The next KotlinConf will take place in person in Amsterdam on April 12–14, 2023. Finally we’ll be able to get together again and share the exciting things going on with Kotlin. 

Register now to join the Kotlin community at the event of the year. Workshops, talks, and fun are guaranteed! Get your tickets before they run out!

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Workshop Day

We’ll kick off KotlinConf with the first day of workshops – April 12, 2023. The seats for each workshop are limited, so please register soon if you are interested in attending. 

One workshop can be bought in addition to the conference pass. Choose your favorite:

Building Android Apps With Jetpack Compose, by Florina Muntenescu

In this workshop, you’ll start by building a solid foundation and learn the fundamentals of declarative thinking, working with states, layouts, design systems, and animation. You’ll then walk through a practical migration of a View-based app to Compose, and finish by diving deeper into how layouts work in Jetpack Compose.

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile in Production, by Kevin Galligan, Tadeas Kriz, and Russell Wolf

In this workshop, we’ll work through some hands-on examples of putting Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile into production, including build system and tooling integration, iOS-side SDK design, team structure and “Who writes Kotlin?”, and more.

Kotlin TDD Masterclass, by Nat Pryce and Duncan McGregor

In this hands-on Test Driven Development workshop, we’ll explore what Kotlin brings to TDD, and what TDD brings to Kotlin. How does a functional style affect testing and design? Can we avoid mocking, and should we? What role does the type system play when we have tests? Join us and find out.

Building Scalable Microservices With Ktor and Kafka, by Anton Arhipov and Viktor Gamov

In this workshop, we will cover the three Ks for server-side development: the Kotlin programming language, the Ktor services framework, and Kafka for event streaming. By the end of the workshop you will know:

  • How to create and deploy resilient RESTful services using Ktor.
  • How to integrate Ktor with external libraries that require additional configuration.
  • How to flexibly connect services using a variety of tools, such as Kafka streams.

Asynchronous Programming With Kotlin Coroutines, by Svetlana Isakova, Sebastian Aigner, and Roman Elizarov

In this workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to become productive with coroutines in Kotlin. By the end, you’ll have enhanced your coroutines-related vocabulary, understand how to spot and avoid common problems, and will be able to effectively and confidently use coroutines in your own projects.

Reactive Spring Boot With Coroutines, by Urs Peter

In this workshop, you’ll learn how Spring Boot’s Coroutine support wipes out all of the downsides of the ‘raw’ Webflux approach and provides you with reactive characteristics without the complexity.

Getting Started With Kotlin Multiplatform, by Romain Boisselle and Salomon Brys

In this workshop, we’ll be building a small application that runs on Android with Jetpack Compose, on iOS with Swift UI, on the web with JetBrains Compose Web, and on desktop JVMs with JetBrains Compose Desktop, providing a native look and feel while reusing a fully tested and coherent business layer. 

Functional Programming in Kotlin, by Raúl Raja Martínez, Alejandro Serrano Mena, and Simon Vergauwen

In this workshop, we’ll look at concepts from functional programming that are directly applicable to Kotlin code. We’ll use Arrow as a supporting library, which includes many useful types and extensions to make a functional style even more pleasant.

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Call for speakers

KotlinConf is a community event, so we would love for you to take part. The call for papers is now open!

Submit a talk and share your experience, whether it’s about finding innovative ways to use Kotlin, the challenges you’ve faced, a framework you’ve created, or anything you’d like to share that could help others along their journey.

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For more information on KotlinConf’23, be sure to visit and follow KotlinConf on Twitter.

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