Show why you love AppCode and get it FREE, oh and win an iPad!

26 Responses to Show why you love AppCode and get it FREE, oh and win an iPad!

  1. Andrius says:

    What should be the language of the screencast? English?

  2. Alexander says:

    Yes, English.

  3. PikachuEXE says:

    Sorry, but I cannot find the AppCode channel even I have logged in.
    I will make the screencast while waiting for reply :)

  4. Kentzo says:

    > Silent screencasts are fine but we do prefer voice.
    What languages are allowed?

  5. John Watson says:

    Why, if the AppCode channel shows that there is a video, when you click on it, nothing shows up? Also, why can’t I see that I have uploaded a video, and edit tags, description, etc?

  6. John Watson says:

    I uploaded my video, but the sound isn’t there! If you download the original file, the sound is fine. Any idea, JetBrains? (

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  8. Marcin says:


    I’ve uploaded my screencast Extremely simple Twitter Search client with AppCode and I can see it in, but the video doesn’t show up. Should I re-upload it or is it just processing?

    Thanks and keep up great work!

  9. Rod says:

    Are you going to send out the licenses right away or after the winners are announced?

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      We will send out the licenses once version 1.0 is available. You do not need the license earlier anyway. Once the contest is over, we’ll notify all participants and of course will name the winners.

  10. Yagiz says:

    Hi all,

    What application do you guys use to record your screencast?


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  12. Viktor Nordling says:

    I tried to upload twice, but my video is not showing up. I put it on Vimeo in the mean time:


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