AppCode 1.5 EAP: more refactorings, even better debugger

Hi Early Adopters!

AppCode is a young product, so if you are reading this you are an Early Adopter.
Being young is great, you can develop fast. And with 1.0 released only 3 months ago, we are now opening Early Access Program for a first big (free) update for our Objective-C IDE — AppCode 1.5.

The major points of the update are more refactorings and debugger/runner improvements, but not only this.
Check out what is already implemented and ready for you to try:


A number of so called in-place extract/introduce refactorings: extract instance variable, extract property, extract parameter, extract typedef, extract macro, extract constant, Convert local variable to ivar/property/parameter.
Note that you can quickly access them all using ‘Refactor This” popup (⌘⇧⌥T).
Extract Define   Extract parameter   Extract property

Run/Debug Configurations

  • Improved destination selection (device/simulator, 32-bit/64-bit)
  • Ability to switch between installed simulators in Run/Debug Configuration


  • Optional object addresses display in debugger and ‘Copy Address’ action
  • Code completion in debugger console

    C++ support

  • C++ operators resolve and completion
  • C++ STL autoimport

    See AppCode 1.5 roadmap to find out what else is planned.
    Download AppCode 1.5 EAP (build 112.567) and enjoy the new features!

    And as always, AppCode discussion forum and issue tracker are open for your questions, ideas and reports.

    Last but not least… If you have a 50% discount coupon for AppCode that you got during the 1.0 Beta and never used, you can use it now. AppCode 1.5 will be a free update for everyone according to our “1 year of free upgrades” policy.

    Develop with pleasure!
    -The AppCode Team

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    11 Responses to AppCode 1.5 EAP: more refactorings, even better debugger

    1. The new refactoring is really cool, I was waiting for this!

      Thanks guys to make my iOS programming so fun!

    2. Ho Kuen Leung says:

      Sounds great!
      But how comes the version number jumps so fast?

      • Eugene Toporov says:

        Too fast? Hm…
        Well, it is a big update, so 1.5 looks good for it.
        And with our licensing policy, where you get ALL updates during one year for free (no matter what version number), it’s not that important.

    3. Łukasz Łazarecki says:

      Everything’s great, but does it also fix the debugger bug, the one with enum values not showing properly?

    4. Emrah Ozer says:

      First of all thanks for these great tools that makes my life a lot easier.

      I’m using appcode not only for objective c programming but also cpp programming. All cpp libraries are preparing their templates for xcode so appcode is a great alternative of xcode in cpp development also. Unfortunately there isn’t full support for that in appcode.

      It would be great if i can manage to use openframeworks template project with appcode. I think it breaks down because of linked project.

      Are you planning to empower cpp support ?

    5. Mikhail Senkov says:

      Yes, we plan to make xcode-project-templates work in AppCode. BTW what frameworks do you use?

      • Emrah Ozer says:

        cinder (it’s working on appcode but it’s taking too much time to create its indexing file )

        openframeworks ( it’s not working, gives an compiler setup error)

        and i’m willing to play with torque2d and sio. I’ve not tested these yet.

      • Emrah Ozer says:

        I checked again when you try to open an example project of openframeworks library ( ) appcode says incorrect build configration
        with warning:

        Expecting tokens LBRACE position: 40 current token: ” type: STRING_LITERAL ————————————-
        ?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ ?>


    6. Andy Dent says:

      I have a day job where I work in Visual Studio and make that much more liveable with Visual Assist. Thank you thank you thank you for the Structure View in App Code and a product which is much easier for me to switch to than Xcode.

      I’m not that excited by refactorings as product features – they don’t help me to learn new complex frameworks. I’d love to see something closer to Object Master, the Smalltalk-like class browser I used to be able to use for c++. It was by far the most productive c++ environment I’ve used in twenty years. I’d be very happy to engage in detailed discussions as to why I think it added so much to productivity. I was not only a keen user but reviewed it for MacTech magazine and provided product feedback on later versions.

      • Dad says:

        Yah for ObjectMaster! Loved that app! I haven’t heard anyone bring it up in a long time…. You must be old school mac developer. Howdy fellow gray-beard mac developer! 😛

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