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Do you know what we at JetBrains consider one of the key aspects of creating a great product? Building and maintaining a strong and committed community. You may have guessed that quite lots of people use AppCode on a daily basis. And there’s always something to share: your impressions, feedback, questions or knowledge.

We really want to see our community well-connected and organized. So we’ve decided to remind you about the channels you can use to communicate with our team and each other efficiently and with pleasure.

Product Team Blog

Right, that’s where you are now. This AppCode blog is the main place where we post news, events, introduce new features, special offers, tips & tricks and other insights about the product. You can subscribe to the RSS feed and receive updates the way that’s convenient for you. Your comments on the articles are very welcome of course.


Our official account on Twitter is @jetcidr. Twitter is probably the fastest and most interactive way of sharing with community today. Follow us and receive information about AppCode in a real time. You want others to know about a great feature you found in AppCode? Use #AppCode hashtag. Such tweets will be visible to everyone, so you spread the word, and you can get a quick response from the community or the team.

Discussion Forum

JetBrains Developer Community site contains a dedicated discussion forum for AppCode users. There you can talk directly to the AppCode team: ask questions, share your thoughts on some existing features and suggest new ones. There are ready answers here for many questions and you can use your experience and knowledge to help other users of the IDE.

Bug Tracker

And last but one the most valuable channels is AppCode bug tracker. You found a problem while using the product? Reporting it to the tracker is the fastest way to get it solved. Don’t hesitate to file even the smallest problems. That’s what makes AppCode unique: our developers are always on guard, respond quickly and release often. Feel free to submit feature requests and vote for existing ones if they are important to you. Your votes really help us defining priorities.

The channels above are somewhat different but we try to review all the feedback and be in the know. That’s how we continue to provide you with the best products.

Hint: As we welcome help, we also show our appreciation. The most active community members are rewarded by the team from time to time.

Stay with us and get involved!
AppCode Team

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2 Responses to Get Involved in AppCode Community!

  1. Avatar

    Denny Trebbin says:

    May 30, 2012

    the biggest problem i see is the roadmap is not clear (i only saw a rubymine roadmap and no one for all the other jetbrains products – i am interested in) and their for people already changed their part in the community. actually people vote and comment with “+1” to strength their voice. for me it looks like many people fear their needs are already unheard. if i look into my reported issues (feature requests, bugs, need of instruction) then i can see some of them are really really old and i still think they’ll never got finished.

    it is not only an appcode problem it is an jetbrains problem imo. i own youtrack, rubymine and intellij idea (and thought about to also get webstorm – because lightweight is better than heavy integrated – for me) and for all of these products i see more and more reported issues with nearly no description about purpose,problem,goal and many many comments with just “+1”. this makes it hard to take part of any reported issue because the reporter seems to have tapped out already and just wanted to have something like a “i was here” badge left somewhere…

    to find a way out of it, i think a roadmap for every product can help and linking entries from the roadmap to youtrack tasks so people can vote (they love it because of all the “+1” comments). the forum is the next part that needs some love. i have no idea how change the forum but for me expect 1 or 2 post i totally skipped to take part of the forum. writing is not to much fun, finding what i was looking for is also no fun and writing something on the forum and waiting for an response takes much much longer than tweeting about it or writing it on facebook/google+

    for the roadmap thing is the best tool take part. the forum is maybe out of age thanks to facebook/google+/twitter but a change is need here too.

    imo – don’t blame me about my thoughts 😉

  2. Avatar

    Windra says:

    December 7, 2012

    Ouch, yeah I hope Firebug doesn’t go downhill eitehr. I’m not even sure if it is open source. If it is I’m not too concerned, bit if some governing body runs it that might be a problem.I’ve been finding more and more people using WebStorm for their front end web dev stuff. Jetbrains is just top notch when it comes to IDEs. I love that company’s products.

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