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AppCode 1.6 EAP (#121.35): You gonna like this one!

Hello everyone!

Yet another AppCode 1.6 EAP build brings us one step closer to the release, and this fellow is, most likely, the last early access build stuffed with new features before we roll out the official release. Given that we would greatly appreciate your feedback!

So what exactly do we have for you today? First of all, this is what you have been long waited for – build settings editor. And no, you aren’t dreaming.

To invoke the editor, use File | Project Settings… or Command + ; shortcut. There are some improvements to be done in it, that we’ll leave for the next EAP build.

Second, once again we have a new inspection to make your life one bit easier. This one can find all not localized strings in your project, when run in a bulk mode.

As usual, there’s also a number of fixes, you may find yours in the list. If you haven’t got AppCode 1.6 EAP yet, you can download the build from our site, otherwise just click ‘Check for updates’ in AppCode’s menu.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new build! Don’t hesitate to take part in discussions on our forum, or submit your feature suggestions and bug reports to the tracker.

Develop with pleasure!
–The AppCode Team

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3 Responses to AppCode 1.6 EAP (#121.35): You gonna like this one!

  1. Avatar

    Gleb Dolgich says:

    August 10, 2012

    That should be “Non-localized string”, I think.

  2. Avatar

    bill says:

    August 12, 2012

    This is great! Is there some way we can exclude statements from the “unlocalized” inspection, e.g. SQL strings and resource names?

  3. Avatar

    Anton Makeev says:

    August 13, 2012

    Bill, selective exclusion of such strings is not yet supported, but we’ll improve it later.

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