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AppCode 2.0 EAP hot-fix build #126.39

We sincerely apologize for the critical bug in previous EAP #126.19 and prepared a hot-fix build. There are a few other fixes that made their way into new build.

We are also investigating performance problem in the latest EAP; meanwhile, if you experience slowdowns, try enabling Preferences | Editor | Code Completion | Insert selected variant by typing dot, space, etc. setting.

If you have already upgraded to #126.19, we recommend you to download and update to new build.

In this build we have enabled patch updates, so you can update EAP builds quicker using AppCode | Check for Updates… in main menu. Let us know if you have any issues after updating using a patch.

Yours truly,
–The AppCode Team

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3 Responses to AppCode 2.0 EAP hot-fix build #126.39

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    Daniel says:

    January 31, 2013

    Sorry in advance for the angry, frustrated comment, but I’m so crippled by the horrible performance and constant crashes / hangs in the latest EAP that I needed to say something. I’m having to force quit every 10 – 15 minutes and watch the painfully slow process of rebuilding the index. As far as I can tell:

    1. Changing _anything_ about the project (code edit, add or remove files, edit core data model) in XCode while it is also open in AppCode will cause AppCode to hang indefinitely. Never used to happen before.

    2) Frequently, adding files like image resources into the AppCode project using the navigator will now cause an infinite hang.

    3) I tried to edit a .h file that has about 150 macro #defines. This one file causes AppCode to slow to a crawl on a fast computer with SSD. Input will become unresponsive for literally 2 minutes at a time, then I can type about 5 characters before the next 1-2 minute hang. I eventually gave up and did it in XCode.

    4) For other, unknown reasons, AppCode now becomes unresponsive for minutes at a time out of the blue. And sometimes never recovers. Just during the course of normal coding.

    I realize that this is an EAP, and perhaps I should not attempt to use EAPs in the future, but the level of instability and performance issues is beyond anything I’ve experienced in one of your EAPs before. It’s not something that I would even submit to QA in this state. Do you have any idea when the next patch or update will be released to address these issues?

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    Anton Makeev says:

    January 31, 2013

    the hangs you are experiencing are likely to be caused by insufficient memory; here is a corresponding issue report where you can find instructions for increasing available memory: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/OC-6339

    As we have written, we are investigating and already working on performance problem in EAP; we apologize for this issue. But anyway, the better way to report problems with EAP builds is using our public tracker.

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      Daniel says:

      January 31, 2013

      Thanks Anton, I’m increasing the memory limit as suggested and will see how that goes.

      I’m a huge JetBrains fan and AppCode (and IDEA before it) are by far my favorite IDEs. But I really, really wish that in a near future release you guys find a way to address some of the long-standing memory hogging issues that seem to be part of both IDEs’ heritage. It’s something our dev team has joked about for years now as one of those things you have to live with in order to use your IDEs, but when it becomes so unmanageable, as it feels now with this latest EAP, it moves beyond an inconvenience into unusability. XCode has it’s own memory issues and problems, so I realize these aren’t easy problems to fix, but right now I’m having to use XCode over AppCode, which I never dreamed would be the case.

      I guess, this is just my way of saying that my top feature request for the next release is reduced memory footprint and better memory management (it seems like sometimes some operations will just continue spiking memory usage until a hang or a crash) and faster speed overall. There are a million brilliant features in AppCode, but it’s reaching the point where I avoid using them because they are either way too slow, or cause intermittent hangs or crashes if activated. I have and do report issues in your tracker, but this seems to be a more more generalized performance situation, not a specific bug, and I think it’s more a matter of hopefully prioritizing some optimizations in a future release over new features.

      Thanks again for your help. I only feel so strongly about it because I’m a long time user, and it stresses me out to have these kinds of issues when I’m used to AppCode being such a productivity booster.

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