AppCode 2.5 EAP opens with CocoaPods and Google Test

Hi everyone!

So everyone is back from vacations and eager to move forward with their projects. To stir up your enthusiasm even further we have some good news in the first days of fall. Today we are opening the EAP program for the upcoming AppCode 2.5 version, so you can learn about the new features as soon as possible.
As usual, the first EAP build is quite packed with all kinds of new things. Let’s take a look at them!

CocoaPods Support
Long-awaited support for popular dependency manager CocoaPods is now available in AppCode with smart features like completion:

and on-the-fly inspections:

You can easily install and update pods using Tools | CocoaPods menu, or context menu in the editor, when a pod file is opened:

Google Test Support
C++ developers will be happy to know that as of today AppCode supports one of the popular C++ testing frameworks – Google Test.

XCTest Support
2.5 EAP also adds full support for XCTest framework: all features available for OCUnit work as well with XCTest.

‘Rerun Failed Tests’ Action
Overall, unit testing has become even more flexible with the new build, now in addition to the ability to run a single test you have an option to rerun all failed tests.

Move Statement Up/Down
We also implemented Move Statement Up/Down (Shift+Cmd+Up/Down) action, familiar to users of IntelliJ IDEA, to move classes, methods and statements around easily. The feature available for Objective-C and C/C++.

‘Set Value’ in Debugger
Now you can manually set a value to a variable when stopped at a breakpoint in the debugger: select a variable and hit F2 to set a value, or use context menu. ‘Set Value’ feature works with local and member variables as well as with Core Data objects. We will also add support to NS-collection and STL-container elements:

And More!
We have added support for External and Aggregate targets with the ability to specify external executable and optimized indexing and memory usage further, especially on branch switching. C++ support was also improved.

Here is the list of all fixes and improvements in build 131.46.

You can find the build on our EAP page. Let us know what you think — take part in discussions on the forum. Bug reports and suggestions are warmly welcome in our open tracker.

Yours as always,
The AppCode Team

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11 Responses to AppCode 2.5 EAP opens with CocoaPods and Google Test

  1. Jasper Blues says:

    AppCode is going from strength to strength! Well done!

  2. AVEbrahimi says:

    Is it safe to use this EAP for daily use?

    • Maria Khalusova says:

      EAP is not a stable release, the features are still under development and the quality of EAP versions may at times be way below even usual beta standards. EAP allows you to evaluate features that will be included in the next release prior to the release itself.

  3. Vincent says:

    XCTest support is nice, but what about Specta?

  4. Dominik Pich says:

    appcode is getting better and better

  5. Bimawa says:

    I need buy AppCode more and more

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