AppCode 3.1.2 update

Hi everyone,

It’s time to start a new year with a new update! AppCode 3.1.2 with many Swift bug fixes is here. Get the update from the IDE itself or, if you like, download a fresh installer from the AppCode site.

This update includes several valuable fixes for those who are using Swift:

  • New class/file wizard is available for Swift now (Cmd+N):
  • We proceed with the resolve of the Swift code in AppCode and since this build overloaded methods are resolved correctly (OC-10956).
  • Autocompletion now works after self and super keywords (OC-11160).
  • Dictionary initializers are parsed correctly now (OC-11278).
  • Go to class (Cmd+O)/symbol (Alt+Cmd+O) was improved in a couple of useful cases (OC-11329, OC-11301, OC-11235):

The full list of fixes can be found in our tracker.

Sincerely yours,
The AppCode Team

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26 Responses to AppCode 3.1.2 update

  1. This is something interesting. I didn’t use AppCode before for Swift development, because it has too much issues. This is an opportunity to give it another chance.

    Thanks for your hard work, guys.

    • Well, it seems that I will not be able to use it, because my previous trial version has expired. I used it 2 hours in total and then stopped, because it was unusable.

      Anyway I will give it another try later, when it will be more stable and feature rich.

      • Anastasia Kazakova says:

        What features are you missing in particular?
        Please, write to appcode-support at a short note, we’ll try to help you with a trial.

  2. Tomek says:

    I was unable to update from IDE (there was “Download” button in dialog), while I remember sometimes I could. Is that correct?

    • Anastasia Kazakova says:

      What version do you have now?
      If it’s 3.1.1 then try AppCode | Check for Updates. You should see the Update info dialog that suggests you to apply the patch.

      In case you have 3.1 or earlier then you need to download a full installer from our Download page on site.

  3. Tomas says:

    I am glad you are improving Swift support but it is still not enough to use it for development.

    Swift types must be included in type checking and auto completion in Objective-C and vice versa. Also proper type checking for Swift. Without these features I need to stick to Xcode.

    • Raphael says:

      Same here.. Gave it a try but returned to Xcode again. I just can’t work with AppCode and Swift currently.
      I hope this will change soon because I miss my comfortable AppCode environment 😉

      • Anastasia Kazakova says:

        Could you please list the most important features you are missing in AppCode for Swift? This can help us to plan the work.

    • PeiSong says:

      exactly. Right now I cannot navigate between swift and objc, and no auto-completion as well. We still rely on a lot of objc libraries so this is not acceptable.

      • Anastasia Kazakova says:

        If you use Swift classes in Obj-C, navigation and completion for these Swift classes will work. In other direction it doesn’t work for now. We understand it’s not very convenient, hopefully will fix soon.

  4. Tomas says:

    Hi, thanks for updating AppCode for Swift.

    Still, some improvements would be great. For example, the autocompletion is not perfect.

    var aVariable: Type
    Autocompletion works for aVariable

    var aVariable = Type()
    Autocompletion DOES NOT work for aVariable

    I also cannot jump to method definitions, etc. AppCode simply does not know the type of aVariable in the second case

    Further, I really miss evaluation of expressions for Swift (Alt+F8).

  5. Arthur says:


    Thanks for the update. I’ll give it a try. I had to go back and use xcode for swift. hope to be able to use lovely AppCode again!


  6. Muhammad Zeeshan says:

    I have 3.1.2, I have mixed code in my project, I’m facing two problems which make me switch back to Xcode.
    1. AppCode display error on using Swift classes in Objective-C code (.m files).
    2. Intellisense doesn’t work when I use Objective-C classes in Swift code (.swift files), and I can’t navigate to Objective-C class from Swift files (like using Command+Click on Objective-c class method/property).

  7. Simon Robinson says:

    Hi, Thanks very much for the consistently good and regular point releases… really appreciated, I’m using it daily.

    If pushed for a list of features I would really like – in order of high to low priority, I’d go for:
    – Real-time compile error highlighting
    – Implement/Override interface/superclass methods in keystroke (using Ctrl + i /o)
    – Introduce variable – (use it all the time in Intellij &Objc Appcode… didnt realise it did!)
    – Context aware auto-generation of code using Alt+Enter i.e. change signature
    // if the following constructor doesn’t exist & cursor is sat just after ’24’ then
    // allow creation using Cmd+Enter using inferred type
    var myObject = Dave( score: 24 )
    – Gutter implements/override icon hyperlinks for navigation.
    – External documentation shortcut key (using Dash) doesn’t seem to come up when key press made.
    – Seamless Swift->ObjC ->Swift navigation

    Thanks again.

  8. Dee Madden says:

    Excellent! When am I getting that free license you guys promised me in that post awhile back? :-)
    – Dee

  9. Mateo says:

    I would love to ditch Xcode, but I’m still waiting for support for Size Classes in the interface builder in AppCode. Any idea when we can expect that?

  10. derjohng says:

    In last versions (3.1.1, 3.12), appCode takes hours to build symbols. Even been stuck, and cannot finished….

  11. Michael says:

    I really like Intellij and AppCode is similar, but it has no core data designer for example, so you have to open Xcode to change some managed objects, also some other thinks. If I don’t have to open Xcode in the development, then AppCode is my new IDE!, but now …

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