New AppCode 3.4 EAP: code folding for Swift


New AppCode 3.4 EAP, build 145.256 is available for download. The patch update is also available if you are using previous 3.4 EAP build.

This update brings one of the long-awaited Swift code editing features – code folding of declarations in Swift.

Let’s go through all the code folding options available:

  • Use +/- toggles on the left side of the editor window to expand/collapse any declaration:Code folding toggles
  • Mouse over the collapsed declaration to see it’s contents:
    Folding contents
  • Expand/collapse the current code block using ⌘+/⌘-:Expand/collapse current block
  • Expand or collapse any declaration recursively via ⌥⌘+/⌥⌘-:Expand/collapse recursively
  • Expand or collapse all declarations in the current file using ⇧⌘+/⇧⌘-:Expand/collapse all

The same options are also available for #if/#else/#elseif/#endif conditional compilation statements.

As usual, you can find complete release notes here. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below or in our tracker.

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4 Responses to New AppCode 3.4 EAP: code folding for Swift

  1. Avatar

    Marcel Bradea says:

    March 11, 2016

    Could you guys please add support for code regions? (ie: displaying them in the code structure and (optionally, with lower priority) having them be work with code folding?

    ie: The ability to support this:

    class MyController : BaseController {

    // MARK: properties

    // views
    @IBOutlet private weak var tilesView:TilesView!

    // data
    private var challenge:Challenge!
    private var capturedPhoto:UIImage!

    // MARK: creation/initialization

    func initWithPhoto(capturedPhoto:UIImage, challenge: challenge) {
    self.challenge = challenge
    self.capturedPhoto = capturedPhoto

    // MARK: operations

    @IBAction func completeChallenge() {


    • Stanislav Dombrovsky

      Stanislav Dombrovsky says:

      March 16, 2016


      We have such request in our tracker, but I’m not sure that we will be able to implement it in the near future dye to the amount of more important tasks. Anyway, feel free to upvote it.

  2. Avatar

    Matt says:

    March 16, 2016

    Support for “MARK:” does seem like low hanging fruit. I’m sure the todo list is very long, but that one looks like an easy quick win. I’d also very much like to see it supported.

    • Stanislav Dombrovsky

      Stanislav Dombrovsky says:

      March 16, 2016

      We will try to support it in the future, but in fact it’s not so easy to implement it (so we cannot do it quickly).

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