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HTTP Client in PhpStorm Overview

When developing a web service, you would usually test it by sending all kinds of HTTP requests to it and examining what’s returned. In PhpStorm, you can do this directly in the code editor. In this post, we’ll use the … Continue reading

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Quickstart with Docker in PhpStorm

So, you’ve decided to try something new today and started a project from scratch. Your first step will be to set up a development environment: at the bare minimum, you’d want to run a web server and a PHP interpreter … Continue reading

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Install PhpStorm with Snaps

Exciting news for Linux users: you can now use snaps to install PhpStorm builds. Snaps will update your app automatically, and you’ll always have a fresh PhpStorm build right out of the oven. Snaps are really easy to install and use. On Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or later, snaps come … Continue reading

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Connecting to Deployment Servers and Remote Interpreters with SSH-Agent

When you work with remote servers, a common and recommended security measure is to use SSH key pairs for authentication. Our friends at PyCharm have prepared a great blog post on the topic. It explains how to generate an SSH … Continue reading

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Editor-based Rest Client

Among other features introduced in 2017.3 EAP we mentioned the editor-based REST client, which offers a new approach to working with web APIs. Earlier, you could run your requests with the REST client built right into PhpStorm, but it required … Continue reading

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Taking control of PhpStorm updates

PhpStorm updates are usually patch-based: they are applied to the existing installation and only require you to restart the IDE. Due to the current limitations of the update system, these patches can only be applied sequentially, on top of one … Continue reading

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Cloning From GitHub

In the third video in our series, Trisha Gee and myself look at how you clone your own copy of a repository from GitHub.

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Git Questions – How do I switch branches without losing my work?

Git can be hard, particularly if you’ve been dropped in at the deep end and are only used to working in a specific way, so it’s our intention to address how to accomplish certain version control tasks in a JetBrains IDE … Continue reading

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VCS in Depth for PhpStorm

Last summer the PyCharm team released some amazing content introducing the version control system (VCS) in PyCharm. These videos are equally as relevant to PhpStorm as they are to PyCharm, as the two IDEs share the same underlying platform.

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Updating Your Templates in PhpStorm

In the recent What’s New video for PhpStorm 2016.3, I noticed I was always adding PHP 7’s strict type declaration declare(strict_types=1) to every new file I created.

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