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Cleaning up tags on GitHub

Since we started development on IDEA, every nightly build of each IntelliJ-based IDE was tagged in the intellij-community repository on GitHub. After 18 years of development and having 10 products, we now have more than 68,000 tags in the repository! This many tags … Continue reading

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Updated guidance for module JARs in IntelliJ based IDEs

When building an IntelliJ based IDE, we’ve historically packed class files from implementation modules into a single big JAR. For example, for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate this was idea.jar. However most of the classes in that JAR were IntelliJ Platform classes which are included … Continue reading

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Plugins Repository now integrates with the Plugin Verification tool

As our plugin eco-system grows, we want to give developers the same experience they have come to expect from our IDEs. Today we are happy to announce the integration of the Plugin Verifier tool for the Plugins Repository. This will … Continue reading

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Migrating IntelliJ’s build to use Maven project libraries

Historically, all libraries used for building IntelliJ have been stored, as JAR files, directly in the IntelliJ git repositories. This approach has several downsides, such as increasing the size of the git repo whenever we need to update to a new version. Also, who wants … Continue reading

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