Introducing Getting Started with PyCharm video tutorials

Many of our users have been asking us to create a set of video tutorials covering PyCharm functionality and features. Today we’re happy to announce the very first Getting Started with PyCharm series of nine short video tutorials, covering the most essential things every PyCharm user should know first. This series is produced by Paul Everitt, PyCharm Developer Advocate at JetBrains:

The Getting Started with PyCharm playlist is available on the JetBrains Youtube Channel and soon will be available on the PyCharm website. During this short video course you’ll learn the most important features and concepts, starting from PyCharm setup and initial configuration, through creating, running and debugging your projects to productive coding tips, refactorings, testing, efficient navigation and customizing the IDE to meet your needs. The structure of the course is the following:

0. Quick Tour
1.  Setup
2. PyCharm UI and Projects
3. Running Python Code
4. Productive Coding
5. Code Navigation
6. Debugging
7. Testing
8. Customizing PyCharm

In the near future we’re going to create some additional video tutorials, that cover other important features in more details, so stay tuned. Enjoy the tutorials and please do provide us with your feedback on what features or functionality you’d like to watch in the next videos!

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