Webinar: “Visual Testing With PyCharm” with Kenneth Love, Sept 28

Testing in Python often requires you to spend a lot of time looking at dots in your terminal. PyCharm, though, can make testing easier and friendlier! When you configure PyCharm to run your Python tests for you, you can get useful visual feedback, tools for quickly re-running your test suite or just failing tests, and more.

  • Thursday, September 28th
  • 17:00 European Time, 11AM Eastern Daylight Time
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Besides teaching Python, Kenneth Love (@kennethlove) is a husband and father. He is the teacher for the popular Python and Django courses at Treehouse and has created a few Python libraries (django-braces being the most popular), worked at most levels of the web stack, and was the Creative Director of a newspaper. He likes tabletop games, activism, and dry humor.

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