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Interview: Python Development at OpenStack with Swapnil Kulkarni

In this interview with Swapnil Kulkarni, a Solutions Architect at Opcito Technologies where he contributes to different OS initiatives, we’re going to look under the hood of the OpenStack project, where more than 95% of the entire codebase is in … Continue reading

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Interview: Quazi Naiful on Python web frameworks and GraphQL

Web development has long been a key part of Python’s appeal. In modern web apps, rich frontends work with Python backends over REST. But even that’s getting re-examined, with recent interest in GraphQL as a query language for web data. … Continue reading

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Interview: A leading Django development consultancy gains speed and efficiency with PyCharm

Imagine working for a development consultancy: dozens of different projects, constant communication with customers, each of which has their own preferences on technology stacks, coding standards, and unique sets of requirements – not to mention expectations on project performance, robustness, … Continue reading

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Interview: Kenneth Love on testing, Python, and organizing

Python is one of the easiest languages to learn, but that doesn’t mean all the programming concepts become easy. One that’s hard: testing. Kenneth Love, well-known speaker, organizer, and teacher in Python, has years of experience bringing complicated subjects within … Continue reading

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Interview: Paul Craven on Python Gaming and Teaching

Writing games in Python is fun, so how about using it to teach computer programming? Paul Craven is both a professor and the creator of Arcade, a 2d game library for Python. He’s doing a webinar with us next week, … Continue reading

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Self-Taught Programmer: Interview with Cory Althoff

The topic of becoming a professional programmer from scratch is extremely hot nowadays, and its upward trend isn’t going to change any time soon. The software development industry is growing faster than many others, finds new applications in other industries … Continue reading

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Inside the Debugger: Interview with Elizaveta Shashkova

PyCharm 2017.1 has several notable improvements, but there’s one that’s particularly fun to talk about: debugger speedups. PyCharm’s visual debugger regularly gets top billing as a feature our customer value the highest. Over the last year, the debugger saw a … Continue reading

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Interview with Jim Fulton for “Why Postgres Should Be Your Document Database” Webinar

Jim Fulton, my friend and former co-worker, was one of the original leaders in the Python community. Over the years he created important Python software (cPickle), Python’s original “killer app” (Zope, as stated in magazine articles), and a leading build … Continue reading

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Inside Python Podcasting: Interview with Michael Kennedy

The Python community has long been hailed as inviting to newcomers. But it’s now huge, which can be daunting. Fortunately, we have some guides that help you sort through all the packages and happenings. Michael Kennedy has long been one … Continue reading

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Interview with Quazi Nafiul Islam, Author of ‘Mastering PyCharm’

Published a few weeks ago, Mastering PyCharm by Quazi Nafiul Islam reveals the best development practises using PyCharm. Relying on his extensive programming experience using PyCharm, in his book Nafiul delves into essential topics of setting up PyCharm for your … Continue reading

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