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Material for next week’s tutorial at EuroPython

Next Tuesday at EuroPython 2016 in Bilbao, I’m giving a tutorial Productive Coding with PyCharm. I’m not going to resort to begging you to come to it…oh who am I kidding, PICK ME PICK ME! For my PyCon tutorials over the … Continue reading

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PyCharm Migration Tutorial for Text Editors

If you’re a Python developer who uses a text editor such as Vim, Emacs, or Sublime Text, you might wonder what it takes to switch to PyCharm as an IDE for your development. We’ve written a helpful Migrating from Text … Continue reading

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In-Depth Screencast on Testing

Earlier this year we rolled out a Getting Started Series of screencast videos on the basics of using PyCharm: setup, the UI, running Python code, debugging, etc. We knew at the time that some topics would need more treatment than … Continue reading

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[Live Webinar] Polyglot PyCharm for Rich Web Front-ends Part 2, February 4

Join us Thursday, February 4, 15:00 – 16:00 GMT (10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EST) for our free live webinar, Polyglot PyCharm for Rich Web Front-ends featuring Paul Everitt. Polyglot PyCharm for Rich Web Front-ends Part 2 Recently we published the … Continue reading

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Introducing Getting Started with PyCharm video tutorials

Many of our users have been asking us to create a set of video tutorials covering PyCharm functionality and features. Today we’re happy to announce the very first Getting Started with PyCharm series of nine short video tutorials, covering the … Continue reading

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Python 3.5 type hinting in PyCharm 5

Python 3.5 introduces type hinting to help code-writing during development. Let’s take a look at this feature and show it in action. Motivation Some folks, but not all, like help from their tools when writing code and documentation. For example, lint-like tools … Continue reading

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Feature Spotlight: Creating and managing Django projects

Happy Friday everyone, PyCharm is known for its superior support of the Django web framework. It’s been supported since the inception of PyCharm, and with each release we improve it by polishing the existing features and adding new ones. With … Continue reading

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Quantitative Research in Python: Using Notebooks

This is a first in a series of blog posts covering the use of Python for quantitative research. In this post, we take a look at IPython Notebooks: a really handy tool for structuring calculations in a document-like fashion. If … Continue reading

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PyCharm Support: For any problem you may have, we’ll find a solution

All JetBrains products are known for their free, quality technical support. We at PyCharm are here to help you with any problem you may come across while using the IDE. Whenever you have a question, doubt, bug or technical issue, … Continue reading

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Write Clean, Professional, Maintainable, Quality Code in Python

Bad code can work. But if it’s buggy, messy and difficult to maintain, it can eventually break a project, a development team or even an entire company. The necessity to write clean, professional and maintainable code is obvious and is … Continue reading

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