What’s Mining: Testing RubyMotion Apps

Tatiana Vasilyeva

Hello everyone,

We have good news for those interested in RubyMotion support in the IDE. With the last RubyMotion update, important features were added to make iOS app testing support available for you in RubyMine Enoki:


Try it out and give us your feedback!

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains RubyMine Team

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3 Responses to What’s Mining: Testing RubyMotion Apps

  1. Kevin McCaughey (@ohforfs) says:

    December 21, 2012

    Are you making many improvements to the interface? I love Rubymine, but I feel it could do with a makeover 😉 There are a lot of small annoyances that could be changed to help make the experience much better. And, let’s face it, us Ruby developers probably spend more time with it than anything else. You could learn a trick or two from VS 😉

    Just as an example: Editing the colour scheme could be made much easier, with an importer and exporter of schemes so you can save your schemes to load up on another VM in future. A more feature rich colour picker that is easier to access would help too. The current layout is really fiddley to work with and I just think it isn’t designed right.

    Sorry for the small criticism. Even though I think it could be better, I still love Rubymine and it is the best out there! I wouldn’t use anything else. But you guys need to take it to the next level to avoid someone coming along and stealing your crown!

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      December 27, 2012

      Hey Kevin!
      Thanks for the feedback and the criticism! Just a couple of notes…

      1) We’re working on a better/easier color schemes editing
      2) You can export/import color schemes and not only them using Settings Import/Export from File menu.
      3) do you mean the whole IDE “layout”? What would you change and how? It’s quite customizable actually. But I still wonder what you mean.

      Thanks again!

  2. Dedicated IT Man says:

    February 17, 2013

    Thankg guys. I have used many application development softwares but rubymine is just simply a gem.

    I have many issues but just a few for now:

    1. There are times when a developer copies a code from controller to a view. By syntax, the ruby code on a view must be enclosed in a tag. Assuming you copied about 5-10 lines of code doing the tagging for all this lines in the view can be time wasting. Any shourtcut that can enclose codes in a view in the tag line by line can be of great help.
    2. I develop ror apps for my customers most of whom host the application locally on their LAN. I wish rubymine can have a way of opening a project directory from a network location on LAN and and work with the files as if developing from a local machine. This can be helpful for troubleshooting and updating of softwares.



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