Live Webinar: Developing Test Automation Scripts with RubyMine and Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan – September 10th

Join usĀ Tuesday, September 10th at 14:00 GMT for a free webinar, Developing Test Automation Scripts with RubyMine with Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan.

Test Automation has been a very hot topic in the industry for the past few years. The need for rapid feedback on the quality of the application has driven a lot of innovation in this space with much of it taking place on the Ruby platform. This has positioned RubyMine as a convenient tool for the testing community.

Join Cheezy as he develops automation against a web application and demonstrates how the cucumber, refactoring, and git support from RubyMine streamline this development effort. Space is limited, please register now.

About Jeff Morgan (@chzy)
Jeff "Cheezy" MorganJeff “Cheezy” MorganĀ is CTO and a cofounder of LeanDog. He has been coaching teams on Agile and Lean techniques since 2004 with a focus on the Engineering practices. For the past three years he has experienced great success and recognition for his work focusing on helping teams adopt Acceptance Test Driven Development using Cucumber. He is the author of several popular Ruby gems used by software testers throughout the world. He regularly teaches ATDD with Cucumber classes and workshops.

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2 Responses to Live Webinar: Developing Test Automation Scripts with RubyMine and Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan – September 10th

  1. Ezana says:

    I was running a test for a web page that has elements in an iFrame. I am using Watir-webdriver to access the page objects. It is taking too long to just fill out a field in a form. Please take a look at the code below. I have also added the benchmark time measure output. Please suggest a solution on how I would be able to reduce the time it takes to access the iFrame elements. Thanks

    class CreateTaskWindow < Window
    in_iframe id: 'CreateFrame' do |frame|
    select_list :account_format, {name: 'TrexFormValue(Company)', frame: frame}

    def add
    on_window CreateTaskWindow do |window| do |x|"accountFormat") do
    window.account_format = @account.format

    Benchmark output

    user system total real
    accountFormat 0.062000 0.015000 0.077000 ( 6.770677)

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