RubyMine 8: Rbenv Gemsets, Better Debugger and JavaScript, and More

Hello everyone,

Starting in August, we’ve been publishing Early Access Program builds almost every Monday so you could try the newest RubyMine features. This Monday is special, as we’re finally ready to announce that RubyMine 8 is released!


This update is focused on improving managing gems experience with Rbenv gemsets and a better Bundler; faster and more fine-tuned debugging; more productive coding with new editor features; improved VCS and database tools integration; and an enhanced UI. It also adds support for TypeScript 1.6, Angular 2 and Flow, refines React and Node.js support for those who prefer to stay on the cutting edge of web development.

Managing gems

Maintaining the structure of project gems takes a lot of time and effort. To make it easier for you, we’ve added the following features:

Debugger improvements

Lots of developers use RubyMine because of the powerful debugging opportunities it provides, with a graphical UI. We’ve tried to make it even more intelligent with these new features:

Web development

As you may know, RubyMine is a part of our big and friendly family of IntelliJ-based products. The shared architecture helps us pool our resources and add new features to multiple IDEs around the same time. Courtesy of the WebStorm team and the latest WebStorm 11, RubyMine 8 receives many new features for experienced JavaScript users:

  • Featuring smarter support for React, RubyMine now offers better code completion and navigation for React components, as well as code completion for React-specific attributes.
  • AngularJS plugin brings basic support for Angular 2.
  • NodeJS plugin adds new inspections Missing require() call and Missing module dependency.
  • The latest TypeScript 1.5 and 1.6 features now supported in the IDE.
  • RubyMine 8 brings smarter coding assistance for named exports in import statements in ECMAScript 2015 (also known as ES6).
  • Basic support for Flow syntax.
  • Thanks to Polymer & Web Components plugin, RubyMine 8 understands elements of the newly released Polymer 1.0.
  • Dart support is now fully powered by the Dart Analysis Server, providing code completion, highlighting, quick-fixes and intentions.
  • Improvements in Meteor support.

More productive coding

RubyMine 8 also inherits many fascinating new features to boost your development productivity:

  • Markdown plugin has been designed to support this document formatting language with customizable syntax highlighting, adjustable WYSIWYG editor, configurable preview pane and text styling quick actions.
  • RubyMine can now help you encode special symbols in your HTML code, replacing them with HTML entities that start with &.
  • To make the Find in Path action more responsive, we’ve added a Preview tab which shows the first 100 search results right away.
  • RegEx case transformation syntax is now supported in Find and Replace, including the commands “\l”, “\L”, “\u”, “\U” and “\E”.

And more

  • RubyMine supports a variety of test frameworks, now with a new UI that shares a common protocol and is better for testing.
  • As part of our effort to make our IDEs friendlier for the color-blind, RubyMine 8 supports the red-green form of color blindness.
  • Improved HiDPI support for Windows and Linux.
  • VCS integration improvements include editing capabilities in Diff Viewer, an ability to shelve changes in Perforce, dedicated tools for managing patches with Mercurial Queues, and more.
  • Database tools now let you group schema objects and table contents, offers a new, more customizable behavior of the Execute action, brings new features to the Modify Table window; and more.
  • With the new Docker plugin for RubyMine, you can add Docker support to existing projects, view logs, and manage Docker containers from right inside the IDE.

Licensing and pricing changes

Starting with this release, RubyMine is only available under our new licensing model as part of JetBrains Toolbox. You can find complete details on the RubyMine pricing page.

That said, all customers with valid upgrade subscriptions can still upgrade to RubyMine 8 at no cost according to their license terms. You do not need to switch to the new model while your upgrade subscription is still active. If your upgrade subscription is expired, do check out the offer for switching to the new license model for existing customers on the RubyMine pricing page.

Another cool thing that JetBrains Toolbox makes possible is a special ‘All Products’ plan, which allows you to use any our desktop product depending on your current needs. Check it out!

And last but not least…
We couldn’t have done it without all of our early adopters. A million thanks for your invaluable feedback!

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains RubyMine Team

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