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A Quick Look at Smart Keys in RubyMine

RubyMine has a number of Smart Keys – configurable options that help you avoid extra typing, and navigate through the code faster. Most of the smart keys, like auto-inserting closing brackets and quotes are on by default. However, there are … Continue reading

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Running Tests in RubyMine: Overview & Improvements

RubyMine comes with a testing suite for running RSpec, Minitest, Cucumber, and other tests based on your current context, and working with them in a friendly graphical user interface. Let’s see how it works in the following example. Run Tests … Continue reading

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Intention Actions in RubyMine

RubyMine provides you with a set of intention actions that can help you to quickly fix code smells, convert statements for better code style, add strings to locale dictionaries, use language injections, and do other handy things simply by pressing Alt+Enter. Let’s review all the … Continue reading

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I18n Features in RubyMine

This post will cover a number of handy options that RubyMine provides to help you internationalize your application, including the newest ones added in the recently announced RubyMine 2018.3. Creating I18n translations Creating I18n properties with scopes Creating keys for … Continue reading

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RubyMine Refactorings: Overview & Improvements

RubyMine provides a number of refactorings that can help clean up your code quickly. In mere seconds, you can move files, extract code chunks into methods and variables, and rename values across your project. These options are available through the … Continue reading

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Using Live Templates for Ruby on Rails in RubyMine

This post continues the series of useful tips and tricks in RubyMine, and is devoted to using Live Templates. Please also check out the other recent posts uncovering navigation tips in RubyMine, and the 10 most useful shortcuts. What is … Continue reading

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Navigate in RubyMine Like a Pro

Last update: Dec 4, 2018 We hope you found our recent Most Important Shortcuts post useful, and we’ve decided to continue this series to make your everyday work with RubyMine more productive. In this post we’ll go over the navigation … Continue reading

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10 RubyMine Shorcuts you Shouldn’t Miss

Last update: Dec 5, 2018 RubyMine shortcuts help you do your routine tasks significantly easier and faster. In this post we’d like to go over 10 of the most common and useful shortcuts you should know and use in RubyMine … Continue reading

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