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Learn RubyMine with IDE Features Trainer

provides you with loads of different useful features for working with source code: from basic code editing, smart navigation, and completion, all the way through to debugging remote applications. We always try to make features easy to use and discoverable, but sometimes it happens that our users still don’t know about some pretty handy capabilities. For example, when communicating with our users at conferences, we note that even the most grizzled veterans of RubyMine, that have been using it for years, sometimes don’t always know about some of the most basic navigation abilities that RubyMine provides, like Go to Class, not to mention the more advanced features. That’s why we have refined the well-known IDE Features Trainer plugin for IntelliJ IDEA and added lessons based on Ruby code examples.

Starting with v2019.1.2, you can learn basic shortcuts and essential features interactively – right inside the IDE. You can try basic editing operations (commenting and uncommenting code, selecting, deleting, or moving lines), navigation and completion capabilities, and so on.

Find more learning resources at the following page: Learn RubyMine.

Installing and using IDE Features Trainer

To try the IDE Features Trainer plugin, go to the Settings/Preferences dialog (⌘+, / Ctrl+Alt+S), open the Plugins page and find the plugin in the Marketplace.

Click Install and restart RubyMine. Alternatively, you can download it from the Plugins Repository and install it manually from the IDE.

You can start learning about the IDE features by clicking on Learn RubyMine on the Welcome page.

Welcome page

If RubyMine is already open, simply switch to the Learn tool window next to the Project view tab. Here you’ll find a set of modules.

Each module includes several lessons that will guide you through specific IDE features. For example, the very first Actions lesson from the Editor Basics module shows how to use the ⌘+Shift+A / Ctrl+Shift+A shortcut to quickly invoke commands or enable/disable various options.

You can pass the lessons one by one, skip to specific ones, or return to big modules using the All Topics button.

The current version includes three modules: Editor Basics, Navigation, and Completion. But of course, we plan to add new lessons and cover all the essential capabilities. We would be happy to hear your feedback on this! Please share your experience with the course and let us know about any issues you have in the comments section. You can also submit an issue in YouTrack. Thank you!

Download RubyMine 2019.1.2

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