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Scala 1.4 EAP Brings Advanced Implicits Analyzer and Faster Play Compiler

We’re working on our next update for the Scala plugin, and today I want to share with you a fresh EAP build that brings two noticeable improvements: advanced analysis for implicit parameters and faster compilation for Play Framework.

Advanced Implicit Parameters Analyser

Now, when you call the Implicit Parameters action, in addition to the list of applicable implicit parameters you will see those that can’t be found:

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 20.20.51

Under the “Parameter not found” label you’ll find the list of possible implicits for this location. It distinguishes the following cases:

  • Fewer applicable implicits are found
  • Somewhere deep an implicit is not found or diverging
  • No applicable implicits found for this parameter

Compiler Server for Play Framework

Another improvement makes the compilation for Play applications blazingly fast, thanks to moving it to a separate process. Now every time we compile the project we don’t have to start SBT.

For the complete list of changes refer to Release Notes.

We hope you’ll find these changes useful. Don’t forget to write us back on our discussion forum or report any found bugs directly to the tracker.

In case you’d like to give a preview build a try, but don’t know how, switch to the EAP update channel via Settings (Preferences for OS X) → Languages & Frameworks → Scala → Updates → Plugin update channel.

 Develop with Pleasure!