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Big Data Tools: Experimental Spark Integration, Slack Community, and Feedback

Yesterday we’ve released a fresh update of the Big Data Tools plugin in which we’ve added the integration with AWS S3. With this update, you’ll be able to browse and manage files in your S3 buckets right from the IDE. … Continue reading

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Big Data Tools EAP 4: AWS S3 File Explorer, Bugfixes, and More

The holidays came early this year! Now, when I’ve actually looked at the calendar, I think it’s exactly on time. Whatever the case, we have some presents for you! Just today we’ve released a new update to our Big Data … Continue reading

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Big Data Tools EAP 3: IntelliJ IDEA 2019.3 EAP Compatibility, Documentation, and More

Hooray! It’s been a while since our last update on Big Data Tools. Our team has been busy addressing your feedback, fixing bugs, and adding important new features. First of all, the Big Data Tools plugin is now available in … Continue reading

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Big Data Tools 0.0.356: Minor Improvements and Stability Fixes

Last week we announced the very first version of our new IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate plugin aimed at providing tools for working with Big Data. Currently, the plugin’s functionality is limited to the support for Scala and built-in integration of Zeppelin … Continue reading

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Meet Big Data Tools – Spark Integration and Zeppelin Notebooks in IntelliJ IDEA

Hooray! Today we have some exciting news for you. After all, it is not often JetBrains introduces new developer tools. Now that you’re excited as well, we’re very pleased to announce Big Data Tools – a new IntelliJ IDEA plugin … Continue reading

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Integrating Developer Experiences — The Build Server Protocol in the IntelliJ Scala plugin

IntelliJ IDEA is an IDE – an Integrated Development Environment. I want to focus on the “Integrated” in this post, which is based on my Scala Days talk. Many developers believe in the “one tool, one job” UNIX philosophy of … Continue reading

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IntelliJ Scala Plugin 2019.2: Functional Code Highlighting, Fine-grained Type Diff, Case Clause Completion, Build Server Protocol, and More

The 2019.2 release of the Scala plugin offers many improvements in different areas. The key focus of this release is a new code highlighting paradigm whereby the highlighting is now cleaner, yet provides even more coding assistance. 1. Functional code … Continue reading

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How to use the new features of IntelliJ Scala plugin 2018.2

The recently released IntelliJ Scala plugin 2018.2 offers many new features and improvements. Here’s a tutorial on how to use them: To play with the implicit-related improvements, paste the following code into Project View:

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IntelliJ Scala plugin 2018.2: advanced “Implicit” support, improved patterns autocompletion, semantic highlighting, scalafmt and more

First of all, we want to thank all the contributors who have helped us to implement so many useful new features, bug-fixes, and refactorings. You really inspire us to do our very best work. Your input is greatly appreciated! Let’s … Continue reading

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Ammonite Support

Ammonite, developed by Li Haoyi, is a well-known toolset that lets us use Scala language for scripting purposes. It contains a modernized REPL, a replacement for the Bash system shell, a Filesystem Library, and specific notations for more productive scripting. … Continue reading

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