Webinar: Space – Everything You Need to Start a New Software Development Project

Join us Thursday, June 2, 2022, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm UTC (5:00 pm – 7:00 pm CEST or check other timezones) for our free live webinar, Space – everything you need to start a new software development project.

In this live interactive webinar, your hosts Valerie Andrianova, Space Product Marketing Manager, and Mikhail Vink, Business Development Manager at Space, will walk you through the process of starting a new software project with Space. They will explain how Space can help to speed up the development, collaboration, and communication processes in your team.

Do you have a brilliant idea for a project that will change the world? Are you eager to kick off your project ASAP? If so, you have several steps ahead of you, including setting up the whole infrastructure and integrating multiple tools for your software development process, communication, and collaboration between business and technical roles. You’ll also need to consider scalability and growth, while making sure your tool set will comfortably scale with your project and team. This is a lot to figure out at an early stage and can be overwhelming.

JetBrains Space is a unified platform that covers the entire software development pipeline, including hosting Git repositories, code reviews, automating CI/CD, publishing packages, orchestrating cloud dev environments, and managing issues, documents, calendars, absences, and chats – all in one place. Space makes it easy to start your project from scratch very quickly and set up your whole infrastructure for free.

Join us for this live interactive webinar and ask questions after the live demo.

About the speakers:

Valerie Andrianova

Valerie has been involved in Product Marketing at JetBrains for more than 10 years. Her areas of professional interest and expertise are team tools, team collaboration, and project management methodologies. For the last 4 years, she has been responsible for the marketing of JetBrains Space.

Mikhail Vink

Mikhail has been involved in software development, project management, and marketing for many years. He loves coffee, non-formal cross-disciplinary education, and building communities. Currently, he spends most of his work time as a Space Business Development Manager, taking care of monetization and other business aspects of the product.

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