TeamCity 2.1 – more flavour for the 2.0 version

The 2.0 release of TeamCity was packed with features. But appetite comes with eating, and the more features we offer to our users the more requests for improvements and enhancements we get with every new release. Well, at least this keeps us going in the right direction ;)

The 2.1 version of TeamCity we release today lists a fair number of various improvements to existing features, plus several new features you might enjoy:

  • More stable and complete integration with Subversion and ClearCase
  • Ipr, Inspection and Duplicates finder runners related fixes
  • Ivy-related improvements, including password repository protection
  • Viewing existing artifact dependencies for a given build on the build results page
  • Possibility to select a specific agent to run a build on
  • Enforce clean checkout for a project on all build agents (to clean all the incorrect data)

– to name just the most noteworthy ones.

Download TeamCity 2.1 at and let us know what you think in our forum. You may also see TeamCity in action on our public site.

Good luck with your builds,

—JetBrains Team

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