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TeamCity 3.0 (Benares) plans

Hello everyone,

It is the time to reveal some plans regarding the next version of TeamCity.

First of all, as long as code-names for TeamCity are city names, we’ve chosen Benares name for this version.

Benares will be released this year, and more specific dates are not settled yet. The most optimistic date for the release is November, 1

After a lot of disputes with development team, marketing and our customers (mostly represented by Jira votes) we’ve prepared a first version of roadmap for the Benares.

One of the key ideas for TeamCity future is to go beyond continuous integration and build management. Partially, we are doing this already and TeamCity currently offers:

  • a set of tools for improving code quality (using powerful server-side code inspections and duplicates finder from the best Java IDE around)
  • tight integration with various IDEs and possibility to navigate from Web UI to the source code
  • web-based access to user changes, including diff
  • time-saving team communication regarding failed builds

But we have more plans.

  • Managers (and not only managers) like statistics and nice charts. What are the project coverage trends? How build duration changes? Shall we use more build agent machines to reduce waiting period for builds in queue?
  • We’re going to provide code inspections and duplicates finder for Eclipse projects and for Maven projects
  • Add possibility to view list of changes for selected users, calculate commit statistics, browse project source tree
  • Many our users ask for delayed commit functionality in Visual Studio with Subversion repository
  • We plan to implement per-project access rights

From the other hand, we aspire at providing best on the market continuous integration and build management solution. It is not easy to find new features in this area, but we believe it’s worth trying:

  • Multiple VCS configurations within single project with possibility to include/hide particular directories in the source tree (cloaking)
  • Composed builds with parallel execution on different OS platforms. Final build status will depend on composite status of the builds.
  • Possibility to take a thread dump from the build agent right from the Web interface when tests hang.
  • Support for blinking tests. Do you know those annoying tests which fail, well, sometimes?
  • Edit build agent properties remotely, via Web UI
  • Advanced build promotion action with possibility to publish it to external location, pin, tag, prepare changelog, and execute arbitrary script
  • Starteam VCS support
  • more

Surely, these are just plans. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. But we will try hard to implement most of the features. Despite of the vacation season :).

Work is in progress. We invite you to participate in the discussion of the features and to vote for stuff most interesting for you. Here are some resources for that:

With kind regards

—JetBrains TeamCity team

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