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A new TeamCity EAP build is available for download

Even though it’s a holiday season now, we keep on working here, at JetBrains, to bring you more features you want to be implemented and asked for. So, after several weeks of hard work a new TeamCity 3.0 EAP build is available!

This EAP features highlights:

  • .NET projects code quality improvements: search for code duplicates for C#
  • the so-long awaited statistics: view the builds’ duration, artifacts’ size, and code coverage trends
  • Statistics Tab

  • downloadable build log (available in text format)
  • enhanced customization possibilities for build results: build status and its description, and the build number can now be modified by the build process
  • MSBuild build runner improvements: support of MSBuild build started from within the NAnt script (by NAntContrib msbuild task. For more details, please access TeamCity documentation)
  • in addition to supported NUnit2 task for NAnt, we have improved the already existing support for NUnit task of MSBuild (from the MSBuild Community Tasks project). No need to modify existing scripts to run them under TeamCity: get the improved output automatically.
  • build tests view allowing you to view how long each test ran, their status and other info and sort them out simply clicking the desired column
  • Tests Tab

  • remote run and pre-tested commit for MS Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2

View the release notes and download the latest build.
We wait for your feedback in our discussion forum.

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