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Pre-tested commit of changes for Java and .Net developers

The most essential steps for the software developers of their daily chores are modifying the code, integrating the changes, and waiting for feedback on changes integration. Depending on the project scale it may take a significant amount time. And if the developer’s changes break the code base, fixing the problem and verifying the changes always takes time. Meanwhile the development process can simply freeze, time is wasted, and deadlines are missed.

We decided to change the situation for the better: compared with the standard scenario – edit the code, commit, and verify the code quality – TeamCity’s pre-tested commit allows you to remotely verify your changes before committing them to the version control system. Thus, the project code base is always clean.

You may have noticed a new page has recently appeared on TeamCity’s web site providing the visual description of pre-tested commit.

In the nearest future we plan to publish a big article with pre-tested commit description: feature history, workflow, peculiarities in different IDE’s, and more.

Good news for the .NET platform developers: in TeamCity 3.0 you can perform pre-tested commit from within Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2. The EAP build is already available for download.

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