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Extending VCS Support in TeamCity: Mercurial is Already Here…

Among many other plans for the forthcoming TeamCity 4.0 release, we want to extend the list of supported version control systems, and this time we bring you the long-waited Mercurial.

At the moment Mercurial support is implemented via a plugin enabling:

  • server-mode checkout
  • collection of developer’s changes
  • checkout rules support and checkout on the server

In our nearest plans are remote run, checkout on the build agent, and bundling the plugin into TeamCity installation package.

The plugin it is compatible with TeamCity 3.1.x and TeamCity 4.0 EAP builds. Meanwhile, you can download plugin files at our public demo server. Look for TeamCity Plugins project, Mercurial SCM Support build configuration and download either mercurial-server.zip or mercurial-src.zip file.

Follow these simple instructions to enable Mercurial support in your TeamCity installation after downloading the mercurial-server.zip:

  • for TeamCity 3.1.x server, move the mercurial-server.zip to the WEB-INF/lib directory of the TeamCity server,
  • for TeamCity 4.0 EAP builds, put the whole zip archive into the .BuildServer/plugins folder and restart the server.

The mercurial-src.zip contains the plugin sources available under the terms of Apache 2.0 license, and you can also obtain source code of the plugin from the mercurial repository where it actually resides.

We wait for your feedback and suggestions and wish you a happy building!

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