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Find Everything You Need in TeamCity

The Search feature has existed in TeamCity for quite a while and in version 4.0 we’ve made a number of improvements in it to provide you with smarter and easier information retrieval experience, say, find the info on particular issues or tests you have fixed recently, learn about the result of integration of a particular revision into the VCS, and much more.

After you have installed and started running TeamCity, it aggregates different projects-related information in the background making it available for search. Employing a power of a well-known Lucene engine TeamCity adds many features to help you save your time and make searching more intuitive, in particular:

  • using partial (starts-with) match, so you don’t need to type the whole VeryLongName anymore,
  • searching all build information from tags up to concrete file revisions, making simple one-word queries work,
  • matching all terms by default, so you can easily narrow your search results,
  • adding handy shortcuts and magic patterns to form a concise query.

For more details on what information is available for querying and how to create complex search queries, please refer to TeamCity on-line documentation and watch a short demo which covers some advanced search techniques for finding:

  • a group of issues mentioned in commit comments using fuzzy search,
  • all builds created during a particular period,
  • build configurations that run specific test,
  • build of a particular configuration containing an exact file revision.

Please note that some of enhanced search features are available only within EAP of TeamCity 4.0.1 so don’t miss your chance to participate in it.

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