Early Access Program Features FYI

New Goodies of TeamCity’s Change Log

TeamCity has always provided a number of places and ways for monitoring changes which the team made:

  • pop-up on the Projects page showing pending changes or those being built at the moment
  • Recent history on the build configuration Overview page
  • different types of notifications
  • Change Log of the build configuration containing the records of all entries of changes which were committed.

In TeamCity 4.0 we made a number of improvements in the Change Log tab design helping to focus on what is the most important and letting you to:

  • specify the range of changes you want to view by providing the range of builds
  • show the builds where developers’ changes got into
  • view changes which were made by a particular developer – the feature is available since TeamCity 4.1 EAP

Hope you will find these new Change Log features useful in your daily chores.

Before trying TeamCity 4.1 EAP we recommend you to backup your database as usual.

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