Changing .NET properties

As we promised, we continue the configuration parameters story started in the previous post. Today, I’d like to tell you about .NET related properties.
TeamCity .NET plugins provide a bunch of predefined properties indicating that .NET Framework/SDK/Visual Studio/Mono are detected on build agent. Previously you could refer to these properties as to system properties. Now we’ve changed it.

We decided to turn all these properties into configuration parameters, and therefore we’ve converted all refernces to such properties detected in TeamCity to keep builds running. However, it’s not possible to convert references used from a build script. To workaroud the issue you can add system property in build agent configuration or use compatibility mode switch in TeamCity properties:

  • with value true
  • dotNetPropertiesCompatibilityMode configuration parameter with value true in a build configuration settings.

Here is the list of changed parameters:

Before Now
system.DotNetFrameworkX.Y DotNetFrameworkX.Y_x86
system.DotNetFrameworkX.Y_Path DotNetFrameworkX.Y_x86_Path
system.DotNetFrameworkX.Y_xZZ DotNetFrameworkX.Y_xZZ
system.DotNetFrameworkX.Y_xZZ_Path DotNetFrameworkX.Y_xZZ_Path
system.DotNetFrameworkSDKX.Y DotNetFrameworkSDKX.Y_x86
system.VS200X VS200X
system.Mono Mono
system.MonoVersion MonoVersion
system.WindowsSDKX.Y WindowsSDKX.Y

Note, there will no longer reported .NET Framework configuration parameters without explicit bitness (i.e. x86 or x64).

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    Just wondering will TeamCity support property on a project level so all task under the project share the same property?

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