Early Access Program

TeamCity 6.0 RC (build 15673)

As the major TeamCity 6.0 release approaches, the release candidate build is already available. Besides bug-fixes, it contains several enhancements and improvements. For example:

  • dotCover coverage engine now reports statement coverage instead of line coverage.
  • .NET coverage options are now available in MSTest build runner.
  • For each Maven build TeamCity agent gathers Maven specific build details, which are available on the dedicated “Maven Build Info” tab after the build is finished.
  • Swabra settings now reside in a separate section called “Build Features” which is available on “Build Steps” page.
  • and more.

As usual, we remind you to back up your data before upgrading to a new version. Stay tuned, the big day’s closer than it might seem;)
Download TeamCity 6.0 RC.

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