Early Access Program

TeamCity 6.0 EAP (build 15638)

New TeamCity 6.0 EAP build is now available with Gradle support described in previous post and several new features and major improvements:

  • Improved upgrade procedure. First of all, we have reworked the upgrade procedure. Though it already was quite painless, we’ve made it more explicit and smooth. Usually, a typical TeamCity upgrade requires conversion of database and configuration files. Since, previously this was performed automatically, it could be not clear what and why had happened. Now, when TeamCity decides that the data conversion is required, it asks for confirmation from server administrator and suggests to perform a backup (which we highly recommend in any case). Thus you’ll always know what’s going on, and when it’s time to back up your TeamCity instance. Automatic backup will be available, but only starting with version 6.0 or higher.
  • Ability to explicitly select build configurations for an agent. Though TeamCity can distribute builds to agents based an agent requirements specified in build configurations, we know that some of our users prefer to explicitly specify which configurations can be built on which agents, and do not want to allow building of other configurations on these agents. That was possible in previous TeamCity versions, but starting with this EAP we have improved the UI for manual configurations selection. Give it a try! We believe, new UI has become better and more convenient, even if you have a huge number of build configurations.
  • Auto-Completion in agent requirements. Now specifying agent requirements is easier and faster – just start typing a parameter’s name or value. Plus, you can see how many agents have this parameters defined, and with what values.
  • JetBrains dotCover integration. Recently our .NET guys have released a brand new .NET coverage tool called dotCover, which includes lots of neat features, like reporting statement-level coverage in .NET Framework and Silverlight applications, highlighting for covered and uncovered code right in Visual Studio, detecting which tests cover a particular location in code and much much more. Starting with this EAP, this promising coverage engine is bundled with TeamCity and is available next to NCover and PartCover.
  • and more

See the release notes for complete list of changes, download the build and send us your feedback!

And as usual, don’t forget to back up your data!;)

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